Best instant cameras 2019 Canon Ivy Cliq+, Minolta Instapix, Polaroid Onestep+, Fujifilm Instax SQ20

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This instant camera comparison gives you a side-by-side look at the most popular models out now: the Canon Ivy Cliq+, Minolta instapix MNCP10 Instant Print Camera, Polaroid OneStep+, and Fujifilm Instax SQ20. Veronica reviews their specs, features, advantages, and disadvantages in colorful Coney Island.

Polaroid OneStep+:
Minolta MNCP10 instapix:
Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20:
Canon Ivy Cliq+:


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david lynch says:

Best one is Ivy Cliq+

SunnyBlueSand says:

This was a good format, but almost a waste of time without seeing the picture quality.

Heather Jenkins says:

Instax is my fav and really enjoy using mine .. I’ve never heard of the Minolta but I really like that it prints colours properly

The Amped Life with Chris says:

I went for the SQ20 after looking at all the possible options in this market. Now, 1 year later, I'm still stoked at my choice. 
The SQ20 is the best all round camera, PLUS I use it to print from my other cameras by simply transferring images onto the SD, and using the SQ20 as a mini printer. Awesome …
Thanks for a cool review!

Ti Kauth says:

Does the minolta use the same print cartridge as the kodak mini shot/ mini 2 hd printer

Yolanda Harper says:

I've never heard of Minolta. So did that camera have the best picture quality ?

Stefan Levorsen says:

i go fore the canon

Bene Butterbean says:

I'm not a big fan of instant print cameras. I don't have a use for them.

OzzyCoop says:

No discussion about film price comparison and picture format/quality? That Polaroid film is not worth it and as a guy from the 80s, the film quality is not "OG". Any prints from that camera that I have seen have been horrible. Even by vintage standards.

life and times of JAP says:

Hmmmm….idk idk they’re all so expensive!

Katelyn Ferguson says:

Hi! I am leaning towards the Canon Cliq+, but I love the process + vibrant colors of the Minolta. However, I can't find ANY reviews of the Minolta Instapix (apart from yours). What are your thoughts? Is the Cliq+ the better choice?

Jose A. Santos says:

Hi, nice review,what about the new kodak smile instant print camera 2019.

JoseKlop says:

You should keep youre polaroids (one step camera) out of the sunlight for 6 minutes, there will turn out better and brighter 🙂

K R says:

which one was the best?

Haley Stott says:

Thank you so much! I’ve been researching an instant film camera for myself but all the reviews i’ve seen only talk up one camera and bash the rest. Thank you for testing and giving honest pros and cons.

wonderfulkimchi says:

I can’t understand the disadvantage of the FujiFilm SQ… “There is no ___ available.” Can someone please fill in the blank for me? Thanks

#awesome7 Lol says:

Yes this is exactly what I needed to see

mintstant says:

Mint Instantkon RF70

NumaticVacuum says:

Polaroid all the way.

Wilo 23 says:

I'd say… buy a portable mini printer. 😅

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