BEST Hidden Spy Camera Wall Charger Block USB – UNBOX & REVIEW

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HappyRider Reviews says:

Buy it here (Best Deal Available)

Or Buy it on Amazon:
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jose Gomez says:

can you control it with your phone

priceandpride says:

it looks big

macoy s says:

Made in china?

Mark Jones says:

Please do not order the LizaTech USB Plug Hidden IP Camera its garbage.

bappa sarkar.ssenterpeises says:

Sir not andsting. Please toking Hindi. India

Stallion Disliker says:

how did you connected this to your phone im having alot of problems

Lee says:

I got the same one mate. Left it plugged in over night and it just randomly recorded 3 minutes of footage a few times. Any ideas how to make it record constantly? The instructions are useless

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