Best DSLR Camera for Beginners – Nikon D3500 VS Canon EOS Rebel T7

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In this video we compare the features of the two most popular entry level DSLR’s currently available, the Nikon D3500 and the Canon EOS Rebel T7 aka EOS 1500D / EOS 2000D – which is the best camera for the beginner.

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About this video :
Trying to decide which camera to buy can be tricky – so we compare two of the most popular entry level DSLR cameras to see which one is best for the beginner. Note the Canon Rebel T7 is also knows as the EOS 1500D (Australia), EOS 2000D (Europe) and Rebel Kiss x90 (Japan).

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bicu77 says:

Thank you verry much for this video sir ! One question : should I buy one of this, instead my actual camera that I have , Lumix FZ82 (bridge camera) , there will be much difference speaking of picture quality , with this entry level lenses ? Sharpness, iso level and so on…or I should keep my bridge camera . Thank you verry much !

Panic Station Productions says:

The 800D or T7i focuses faster, I love the movable LCD screen, and the fact its touch screen and i can turn on the shutter on the touch screen and touch thr screen to take an image.

ickvi says:

Great vid. I'm torn between these two cameras at the moment, I think the Nikon will win for me as many of my photos are of the kids so that focus will be great – and the battery life is so much better.

angelo escosa says:

I bought my nikon d3400 a few years back. I just now started to take a liking in photography and your videos has been very useful and very informative to me.
Thank you very much for your videos!
I am definitely improving at taking photos because of them.

Dharam Veer Singh Rawat says:

Which one is better?? Canon 200d or Nikon?

Leonie Lucas says:

Hi Paul, thank you for the comprehensive review of these cameras. I’ve shared it to a group I’m moderating on Facebook.
Any plans afoot for reviews of mirrorless models … Fujifilm X-T200 or similar, aimed at the leap of faith from smartphone to
camera, though I acknowledge it shifts the price point considerably.

Suzanne Sparkes says:

In your opinion is going from a Nikon D3100 to a D3500 much of an upgrade?

Big Fan of MrBeast says:

Can you give me 1 camera 🙁

Ben MaxStamina says:

best beginner lens for canon eos 1500d for wildlife and landscape?

Jose Sanabria says:

Thank you, Paul, for another great video! One question, any idea why Canon always labels the same camera model with different names? It has been like that as far as I can remember, at least with DSLRs.

Fatehbir Singh says:

Hi sir, Please make a video on Nikon D5600 with 50 mm 1.8 lens. Thanks

Midhunlal PG says:

Owning 1500d sir..

Roberto Ramirez says:

Actually here in Mexico the D3500 is more expensive than the T7 like 35% more

Steph C says:

I love my D3500. Best investment yet for me.

samir patel says:

Nice explanation! If u have made this video few months back i would have purchased nikon 3500 instead of canon 1500d

ace kat says:

What a great detailed comparison Paul!great video!

david bentley says:

Very informative Paul.
The lockdown here in Manila has done my new camera fund a power of good.

I am leaning toward the Canon. I saw your earlier review of the Nikon Snapbridge hehe…
The larger size of the Canon would be a + for me.

Here is the disclaimer I will do the footwork and if I do fall across a dealer that just happens to have a D3400 lying about. I will go for that over the D3500 which lost a feature or two in the redesign, which I think was a shame.

However if the lockdown continues then going an extra step up the ladder is possible.

Thanks for a useful vid again

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