Best DSLR Brands for Video? Canon vs Nikon vs Sony vs Panasonic Cameras!

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Which are the BEST DSLR Brands for Video? There’s pro’s and con’s with each – hear my thoughts on which is best for you in this video! (Canon vs Nikon vs Sony vs Panasonic Cameras) ► FREE GUIDE: The ULTIMATE Video Editing Process:


DSLR/Mirrorless Camera’s:

► Panasonic:
+ Panasonic G85: (Amazon)
+ Panasonic GH4: (Amazon)
+ Panasonic GH5: (Amazon)

► Sony:
+ A6300: (Amazon)
+ A7 II: (Amazon)
+ A7S: (Amazon)

► Nikon:
+ D3400: (Amazon)
+ D7500: (Amazon)
+ D850: (Amazon)

► Canon:
+ T7i / 800D: (Amazon)
+ 80D: (Amazon)
+ 5D MK4: (Amazon)
+ 1DX: (Amazon)

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— Best DSLR Brands for Video? Canon vs Nikon vs Sony vs Panasonic Cameras! —

When you’re choosing a DSLR for video, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are some BIG differences between the major brands like Panasonic, Sony, Canon and Nikon! Choosing the ‘Best Camera Brand’ is not a clean cut decision though… Which is ‘Best’ is highly subjective, and what works for you may not work so well for others…

While all individual DSLR (and mirrorless) camera models are unique, each of the brands has it’s own approach to software, features and functionality that tend to carry across the range – meaning that some brands are better suited for some requirements and workflows than others.

Whether you’re in the market to purchase and looking to compare cameras & DSLR brands to find the best DSLR Camera for you, or you’re happy with your current model and just wondering what it’s like on ‘the other side’, then this video is designed to help provide an additional perspective.

I’ll be discussing my thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of each brand (Nikon vs Canon vs Panasonic vs Sony!) after using them all, including what I like and dislike about each to help you decide for yourself.

Of course, these are just my thoughts based on my own experience and preferences… No doubt what I dislike about certain brands, others will absolutely love!

► We always get awesome feedback, suggestions and learn a TON from the community! I’d love to hear if you’ve had the same experience with each brand as me or not, and which you think is the best DSLR or camera brand, and why!

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Justin Brown - Primal Video says:

Hey hey PV Peeps! QUESTION: What are your experiences with each of the big brands? Which are you rocking in your shoot day kit and why? (Or which do you WANT to pack in there one day 😉 )

Keen to hear if you have a different perspective or if you agree with my take on it! We always get some awesome suggestions & insights down here – and yours may help someone else make their decision 👊🏻💯

CruzorWT says:

I am thinking of getting this DLR camera The reviews and ratings are nice. anyone owns the same?

Psaikodelik says:

Don't buy Metabones speedboosters, they are too expensive! Viltrox makes great speedboosters that cost 1/3 the price of a Metabones. The Viltrox EF-M2 (Canon EF to Micro 4/3) has no apparent difference in quality or reliability and you can buy 3-4 Viltrox speedboosters (for multiple camera mounts) for the price of one Metabones. Comparing the two, some users have found that Metabones speedboosters don't mount well on the camera, and result in a bit of play…way more play than their Viltrox counterpart!!!

Psaikodelik says:

TL;DW – Canon and Nikon are the most famous and revered prosumer brands for still photography. They video capture is scarce and very limited. Sony is the best brand of Full Frame cameras capable of great video capture, but they suffer from many technical problems which have been known for years. Panasonic is considered the most advanced brand nowadays for video capture. Their GH5 and GH5S are the best (while cheapest) cameras you can buy today that will capture impeccable 4K 10-bit video (VFR and lots of other features) and can be compared to the results of RED and ARRI Alexa cameras. Most image quality and dynamic range tests have shown that the best cameras for still photography are the less known ones. Fuji, Pentax, Leica, Hasselblad and so on are on the forefront of photo technology and are surprising photographers worldwide. The professional models are very expensive though.

Lakwatserong Kayumanggi says:

Is it compatible about the lenses u mention that u are using canon lenses on your panasonic cam? Are they all fit in terms of measurement?

Whats Up Dude says:

Hey Justin, thanks for the info, great video. I have experience with Canon and Sony. What you said is so true. I love Canon because of the great colors and ease of use, but I have to use Sony because of $$$. I shoot most of my videos at 120fps in 1080, and Sony provides that feature in its cameras at a much lower cost (I have RX10 and a6300) than Canon does. But, Sony colors are not even close to Canon's. Thanks again my friend.

Masrur Bule says:

Nikon video features are bad, but for still photography , i think nikon is the best so far, the DOF are amazing. And nikon camera's have great built quality, most wildlife photographer use nikon

Candiani Photography says:


vdhs gghh says:

Thanks sir you can help me

Mardana Nanak says:

Intro fluff until 2:09. Skip the intro. 9:36 Summary.

Ritu Gautam says:

Canon cameras are the best

Ritu Gautam says:

All 4 are Japanese brands Sony, canon, Panasonic, nikon

Twill cha_kma says:

What about fujifilm

Hory Sells Arizona says:

What software are u using? Great content by the way

dario sartori says:

Words words words… We need video in a video

AeroVideos : Faîtes décoller vos projets ! says:

Very good ! thank you 😉

Julia Smith says:

Decent. Thanks. 🙂

shineyourlight says:

too much qualifying, pre emptying just get to it

TheLowBeat says:

Nikon poor in lowlight and limited amount of leses? Excuse me what?

Jazeel Calicut says:

U looks like mark Zuckerberg

Drake Leroy says:

Wow! Fantastic video

PAUL Eloïse says:

In the end you don't talk about the Fuji cameras, even though you mentioned them at the beginning of the video. What do you think about Fuji ? And Perhaps the X-H1 model ?

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