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Leica Q Review (Leica Q-P Review)
The Leica Q still holds its place in 2020. And it’s only getting cheaper.
I included lots of samples to support my opinions. All images were taken with the Leica Q-P.


1:30 – Box
3:00 – Versatility (Crop mode, focus, macro, aperture)
5:45 – Image (sensor + lens)
7:45 – MF + AF
10:20 – Looks Dope
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Bart Ros says:

The Leica Q is amazing. I owned it for 6 months. But it turned out to have a sensor issues and the store refused to help me correctly. Sad cos it produces lovely images. Would you feel its still better than the Fuji xpro3? I am trying to decide between them not I finally wrote off that terrible loss.

By-tor says:

I shoot Fujifilm (X100V and X-Pro3), but find myself watching Leica Q video's. I think it's a sickness and the only cure is to pick one up… [email protected]%%$##%^&

Mark Catto says:

Thanks for the video. I’m glad that others are being exposed to this camera (pardon the pun). Cheers Mark

Ricky Wei says:

Great video, what camera you use shooting this video?

Maxx Louie says:

Great review! Have you noticed any sensor dust at f16?

Thomas Chin says:

I’ve used the Leica M6 years, decades ago, as well as the original work horses, Nikons and Canons, and as a educating photographer; I enjoyed keeping up with the constant changes or up grades in the photography. But the ultimate camera system, I would have to say is Leica. Most photographers describe that certain “Leica color and sharpness.” I decided, after using my Nikon D750 and D850 for years, I decided to shift the weight to lighter cameras that have the quality all photographers demand, color saturation and sharpness..and that takes me back to the Leica system. I recently picked up the Leica Q as well as the Leica Vario X, and I have to say, the Leica look is amazing.. you have to understand that after 40 years of non-professional photography ( I can’t buy camera equipment and tax it off, like all pros..) I purchased good quality Leica’s and their reputation is learn to shoot slower and creatively, and every shot is fulfilled with the Leica look image and sharpness….but, it’s the weight of not carrying a heavy camera system is enjoyable…

Fabrizio Zago - Photography and media says:

Nice video, it's interesting to know why somebody likes a certain camera model. I like the photos at 0:16 and 3:50, specially this last one. It looks like an abstract photo more than an architecture/urban photo, I like it.

Charlie Granger says:

Refreshing and thought out and a good pace. I have been considering a Leica q now you only need to sell one kidney since q2 came out. Keep up the vids .

Clint Woosley says:

Your pop-ups and self deprecating humor are great! Keep it up. I’d like to see how you edit the DNG’s in Lightroom. Fantastic pics!
Just found this channel through the next video you did on the Q.

Alan Lin says:

Whoa whoa, gonna drop a bomb on us like that? Why are you no longer shooting film?!

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