Best Compact Cameras in 2018 – Compact Camera Buying Guide

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► The Compact Cameras we mentioned in this video:

► 5. Ricoh GR –
► 4. Canon PowerShot G9 X –
► 3. Canon PowerShot S120 –
► 2. Sony Alpha a6000 –
► 1. Sony DSC-RX100 –

In this video, we listed the top 5 best compact cameras in the market for this year. I made this list based on thousands of user reviews and my personal opinion, so i really hope you will like it.

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Socrates says:

can you speak a bit faster?

MimMim Siraprapa says:

sony alpha a6000 is Mirrorless not Compact

G Acs says:

APS-C mirrorless cameras are so small now that it does not make sense to buy micro four third any more, especially when some MFTs cost more than APS-C cameras!

maher adami says:

My friend has the Sony Alpha a6000 and he's very satisfied. I also I think I will buy one the next month.

David Stojadinovic says:

Very good review about best compact camers, useful informations you can get. Thanks for sharing, keep going!

palma raja 4 says:

Wonderful for such valuable tips to select best compact cameras

mile kobas says:

Great review, I personally know little about cameras and my friend has the Sony a6000 and it's really amazing!

TrusTIo TrusTiov says:

Keep it up Tech Meister, your reviews are always top notch! Loved the way Sony Alpha looks by the way, look really elegant!

Crypto Crypto says:

I have Sony Alpha a6000 Camera and it is amazing and photos are amazing high resolution and all I can recommend it

alvin lim says:

Thanks, after watching this i have a better idea on which are the top 5 compact cameras that i can purchase.

ja negde says:

Next month I have planned to replace my old Sony camera bought 10 years ago, so, this clip was very useful to me. I don't make my decision yet but I think that Sony Alpha would be good choice for me. Everybody talks about Canon but old Sony was good for past decade, so it will be and a6000. Thank you for this clip !

Steve T says:

Nice review just in time for the summer, I'm looking to get a new compact camera for vacation pictures. Ricoh is starting to put out great products and really compete with Canon and Sony, I might give them a shot.

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