BEST COMPACT CAMERA 2018!? | Sony RX100 VI Review by Georges Cameras

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The Sony RX100 series is back and this time with a brand new 24-200mm zoom. Andrew takes the brand new Sony RX100VI for a spin and tests if it can live up to the legacy of it’s predecessors.

Low light test:

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Jay Jay says:

I have a question I have a Canon M6 currently with a wide lens what does Sony RX100 be a better camera or should I keep what I got the intent is for blogging hope you answer my question thank you

William Parmley says:

I appreciate your review! I have seen so many RX100 vi reviews so far that only talk about video applications. Personally I'm not much interested in video so I'm glad you covered other aspects of the design. I love my RX100 ii but the lack of viewfinder is very limiting and the autofocus is not up to current standards for number of AF points and speed. The vi will be a great upgrade.

Wanz Xlayer says:

For that price…x100f for sure…

Larry Bouley says:

Looks like a downgrade to me. I shoot a lot of video and 1.8 works great in V. No Nd filter is a no go. I’ll pass

Triet Q. L. Hong says:

Do Olympus cameras review please 🙂

Sweet Guy Traveler says:

Nice video. What about pic at night?

Tom Drums says:

No ND so bad in really bright light and no daytime motion blur with water for instance, worse low light performance when there is motion and you can't get as good Bokeh as you can with the mark V. I reckon this is a downgrade to the mark v besides the touchscreen and zoom. The mark V is virtually the same spec everywhere else. I think it's a disappointment.

Dons Shed says:

Cool channel (and Skateboarding), you've got a new subscriber 🙂

Lucky Never says:

should probably mention the lack of ND filter, the video looks really meh without a proper 1/60 shutter speed.

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