Best Canon Travel Camera 2019!!

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In this video I go through some of the best cameras for travel in 2019. We talk about the best DSLR travel cameras, best mirrorless travel cameras and even the best compact travel cameras in 2019.

Best Travel Cameras 2019 – Best Cheap Travel Camera 2019


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Chris Winter Photography says:

Do you like videos like this one where I let you know the best cameras? Let me know below!

Rowann Sinclair says:

Hello Chris, I'm looking for a camera that will be great for everyday use abroad over the summer of 2020. I have had photography experience in the past so I'm not looking for a beginners camera but for an more advanced one on a lower budget, any ideas?

gladies macancela says:

I’m looking into buying a camera with good quality in recording being waterproof brand Sony or canon

Derek Langan says:

I'm guessing Canon sponsored you to

Malay Nayak says:

please suggest a good mirror less camera for travel photography or DSLR is good

scrub gabriela says:

what camera do you use?

Pap Travel World says:

Hi chris. Am padmaraj from india..i ask one question .Canon 800d is best camera or not whats your openion?

Kevin Blaze says:

Hey Chris I have a question for you reply if you can answer it?

FluffyDuck says:

I wish I have a camera. Anyone thinking of upgrading from their old one and would like to donate… hit me up. Thanks

Krytae Kim says:

I’ve been saving up lately really wanted to buy canon G7X markiii

Green says:

Love your videos!

Dominic Rivera says:

Hey Chris I just got the canon so3 and want to know what the best lense is for it

Harley Creighton says:

Well I missed this notification! Ah, how annoying….. Loving the smaller DSLR I once had the Canon 100D before I traded for the 60D (not much difference admittedly)! M50 is absolutely tiny! And handy ☺️ great video and details ☺️ thanks chris

Bear Attack Gaming says:

I personally love to travel around with my canon sl2 but now looking at the sl3 would l9ve a small little upgrade

Agapi Geraki says:

I bet you are in love with Leila

David Hayes says:

Another great video. I am actually thinking of selling both my Lumix G7 and my Canon t6i and their lenses and switching to a video cameras. Since my last stroke, I am looking for something easier to use for my channel. What do you think? I don't need to take pics with it. Just good quality video.


Hi Chris a friend wants to start a channel his a pure keyboard and mouse critic would you recommend a SL2 with rodeo mic as an entry startup package ?

Johnny G says:

The G7's are a beast especially at night. Bangkok112's videos highlight just how go they are.

Beverley Hope says:

Everytime you upload I sit here hoping it's for the announcement of the Canon 90D…😂😂😂

Keslie Slifka says:

Does this make for a good vlog camera to?

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