Best Cameras 2020 – Top 5 Best Compact Cameras

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If you want the Quality of a DSLR camera in smallest form possible,
then a high end big sensor compact cameras like the ones in this list might be the solution.
The 1.0″ sensor and bigger up to a APS-C in a compact body offer very good image quality and is simple to use.
We count down the top 5 best big sensor cameras currently available on the market right now.


mariogpx says:

lol watch this video backwards and you will get it right !

Mehmet Sevindik says:

Number One : Sony Sony

Sidheek Sabeelas says:

G7x Canon 1x zoom 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Aluchi Del Pasado says:

Why not mentioning the Olympus?

Robert Cudlipp says:

I purchased a mint version of the Sony after using a friend's on loan. Too expensive at full retail, but there are many quality units available second hand.
Sensational sensor and overall size factor and that 1.8 lens is sharp enough to cut its way through a forest/

Arthur Brown PHOTOGRAPHY says:

The high quality compact is a very useful photographers tool. I have had a Fuji X100S since they were first released to the market and use it loads. Despite having a huge collection of Canon Pro gear some of my best and prizewinning shots have been taken with the Fuji.

夏秋冬 says:


Robin Jacobs says:

I see your not talking "Cameras" at all!
But, instead: Digital Image Capture devices!

Flores Paradise says:

Fujifilm X100V ia the best

Divi Photos says:

Cool video nice job

Juan Carlos Gallego says:

NIKON… Dont be quiet. We miss you

Ladislav Plesko says:

How can be published 13.may 2020 if is only 29.april 2020 ???

Gustavo Ulloa says:

Ricoh GRIII is the best camera for the money, but I’m not sure about 28mm focal length. For that reason I have to pay USD.500.00 more for the FujiFilm X100V (Also, weathers sealing)! After the Lockdown…

James Stuart says:

"Discreet", not "discrete".

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