Best Cameras 2018 – Top 5 Best Compact Cameras

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If you want the Quality of a DSLR camera in smallest form possible, then a high end big sensor compact cameras like the ones in this list might be the solution. The 1.0″ sensor in a compact body offer very good image quality and is simple to use. We count down the top 5 best 1″ sensor cameras currently available on the market right now (May 2018).


J.R. Regenold says:

I'm not buying a 1200 pocket camera … ever. I can buy a lot of gear I need and have enough left for an hx90v or hx99 sony

Donald Finigan says:

Cameras without viewfinders should not be included in the best 50 cameras.

Karl S says:

Can no longer trust any title on Youtube that states, "Best of…" it's turned into commercial Bull.
This junk is like Robo-Call only for Youtube, this mindless commercialism that the Google has chosen to bring to Youtube. Sadly Google doesn't have the honesty to require "Ad" icon next to the title.
You'd have to have a very shallow level (moronic) of interest in camera's to think you will or have learned anything of substance from this silly commercial-vid.

G Graham says:

Way over priced.. for a few extra, in some cases less than the cost of a compact, you can get a great MFT.

Jack Lim says:

Good camera~~

铁笔骂谎言 says:

Sony and Lumix are very good. Fuji is too heavy for a compact camera.

Doris Fuentes says:

Great video!

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