Best Camera for YouTube Videos — Top 5 Video Camera Reviews

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Check out the best camera for YouTube videos list here: **** Check out the best budget YouTube equipment video series:

*** Show Notes, Gear and Cameras Listed in the Order Mentioned in the Video ***

1. Best Camera for Vlogging

The Canon G7X Mark I (You can find this camera under $500 used or refurbished on Amazon or Ebay)

VIDEO – G7X Mark I VS. Mark II

Sony RX100 V (Note: Version 3 & 4 of the RX100 are also great cameras and more affordable)

2. Best Camera for YouTube Content

Canon SL2 (Most affordable Canon DSLR with Dual Pixel Auto-Focus)

** NOTE ** Check out 10 photo examples all shot with the Canon SL2 on my Instagram here (Swipe to see all 10):

Canon 70D

3. Best 4K Camera for YouTube

Panasonic G7 (Best Budget 4K Camera)

Panasonic G85

Sony a6500 (This is the camera I’m using currently for shooting 4K video)

*NOTE* I use a SmallRig Cage for the a6500 that solves the overheating problem. Temporally it dissipates the heat through the metal. Check it out here:

*NOTE* The Sony a6500 only has issues with overheating when shooting 4K video.

4. Best Camera for Indie Filmmakers

Panasonic GH5

Sony a7S II

5. Best Camera for YouTube (Top Picks Overall)

Sony a6500 (Despite a few minor flaws this is an amazing camera that produces a world class image)

Canon SL2 (This featured packed camera delivers everything a “YouTuber” needs at an incredible price. It’s also one of the most user friendly cameras on the market)

VIDEO – Top 3 Cheap Canon Lenses for YouTube Videos

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———Cameras Used To Shoot This Video ——-

Camera — Sony Alpha a6500

Lens — Sony SEL1018 10-18mm Wide-Angle Zoom Lens

Tripod — Ravelli Light Weight Aluminum Tripod With Bag

Microphone — Rode VideoMic Pro Compact VMP Shotgun Microphone

Lighting — StudioPRO (Set of 2) S-600BN Dimmable 600 Bright LED

This VIDEO was EDITED with Adobe Premiere on a PC.

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About This Video:
In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media reviews the best camera for youtube in 2017. If you are researching the best camera for youtube videos or the best camera for youtube vlogging, check out this video. These youtube cameras for beginners and pros are some of the best youtube cameras you can find. Also the goal of these video camera reviews is to find the best camera for video, or a good youtube camera. YouTube camera gear can be hard to pick out so I made this youtube camera guide to help you find cameras for youtube videos. In this video you’ll learn about the best hd video camera for youtube, the best overall camera and the best budget cameras for youtube videos!


Think Media says:

QQTD: What do you think is best camera for YouTube this year? LMK 👇👇👇

Video #TimeCodes (Click time to skip to that part of the video)
0:41 The most important thing to consider when picking out a camera
1:35 Best Camera for Vlogging
4:55 Best Camera for YouTube Content
5:33 *LIST of Canon Cameras with Duel Pixel Auto-focus (and flip-screens and mic inputs)
10:28 Best 4K Camera for YouTube
15:54 Best Camera for Indie Filmmakers
18:27 Best Camera for YouTube (Top Picks Overall)
22:14 Example Footage from All Cameras
24:13 Question of the Day!

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Oyuk tuning says:

heey. Loved your video. can you advice for the go pro set. I already purchased gopro hero5 with acessories. Currently I dont have mic. What mic would u siggest. please help.

Jade Perkins says:

Great job! Quality review.

Christopher G says:

Sean, I understand that you want to be lively and engaging, but your gestures are so excessive that it just becomes annoying and distracting. Gesturing is a tool for conveying specific points, but just waving your hands around actually distracts and detracts from your words, since you haven't stopped flapping since the beginning of the video. Speaking of which, you're on VIDEO, not up on a stage, which means the gestures you make can be smaller and more subtle since the viewer isn't 50 feet away from you.

Please consider this bit of advice in the spirit it's offered. Your content is excellent and I'm sure you could be a good presenter, but I just can't watch your videos anymore with all your histrionics.

Violin Lounge by Violinist Zlata says:

I'm currently shooting with a Canon 750D for my YouTube channel and I'm thinking about upgrading to a Canon 6D Mark II, because it has a full frame. Do you think this will be an improvement of de video quality?

terry demopoulos says:

your about to sneeze

Lus Gonzalez says:

Thank you so much this video was very helpful

Devesh Mishra says: good deal for daily buying

TheYazzing says:

Happy New Year Think Media!!!

Could you please please give me some advices here? I am about to start my volunteer work in northern Vietnam. Hoping to record my work there, I will need a new gear for filming and photos. Would an iPhone Xs be enough? or Should I invest in something nicer? Knowing that iPhone Xs is terrible for filming at night. Can i resolve this issue by filming during daytime? Thanks a lot

LoboStream says:

My question is… what camera are you using to record your main video?

jada gregory says:

Very very helpful thanks

Mist R says:

what's the point of 4k if autofocus is terrible then?

Rapid B says:

Shawn can i put a video camera on a gorilla pod

Iamjust Myra says:

Can I plz have one plz plz plz plz I really want one and I never win things

Bountiful Grace says:

The Canon SL2 would be a good type for me as I am new to filming and right now I am only using my Android phone to film. Thanks so much for this awesome information.

Winner Singh says:

Please suggest which is good for YouTube video Sony A6500 or Panasonic lumix G7

Aamish says:

Not a single Nikon camera, not even D850. Wow…

CobaltInferno says:

What’s the best video recorder for YouTube videos UNDER $150? Pls respond

Facepalm says:

How can you call a 600$ Camera "Budget"? I want to get started with YouTube and just film some videos here and there.. As I'm a student and my goal is not to earn money by making YouTube videos my maximum Budget is 100-200$. And that's a lot of money for me.

E A says:

Very useful!! Thank you for all information!😘🙏🏻

evaprine jumamoy says:

love this reviews on vcam..

Jay Pence says:

Canon has better sound

Joey Peluka says:

What exactly is an indie video?

Captain Sousa says:

What is the best camera to place on dash of a vehicle as well

millstap says:

Would you please help me with picking the best 1080P camera that I can record very loud rock music in a small room? I assume I need an external mic or mics and a mixer with a pre-amp that hooks to the camera. I am a YouTuber that has not been able to progress as far as good audio and video go. I am still using obsolete Flip UltraHD cameras with built-in stereo mics.

Ryan Spurs10 says:

I getting that cannon camera soon and I am excited 😱

Angel Franks says:

Can a Samsung work to make videos it’s a HD 52x optical- zoom with flip screen but how do I use a microphone on it were that it will pick up a lot better then what it does with out one

Chey.Wilkerson says:

I just watched one of your other videos for youtube beginners and I am more focused on the Canon cameras for general content shooting for product reviews and such for homeschool. Which would you say is better, the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm STM Lens – WiFi Enabled you linked in this video or the Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera Body w/4K Video (Black) you linked in the youtube beginners video? Both are currently priced at $599 on Amazon.

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