Best Camera for YouTube? Canon M50 VS. Sony A6400

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What is the best camera for YouTube with a flip screen? In this video we compare the Canon M50 and the Sony A6400. 🔴 Check out the Canon M50 on Amazon here: (affiliate) 🔵Check out the Sony A6400 on Amazon here: (Affiliate)

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📒 Show Notes and Resources 📒

1. Canon EOS M50 with Kit Lens

Canon 11-22mm M50 Vlogging Lens:

2. Sony Alpha a6400 with Kit Lens:

Sony 10-18mm Vlogging Lens:

We use this rig with the Sony a6400 so that the mic no longer blocks the flip scree. (It’s for the A6500 but it fits perfect)

3. (Full Video Review) Canon M50 Complete Review:

4. (Full Video Review) Sony a6400 Complete Review:

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What is the best camera for youtube this year? In this video Omar and Sean from Think Media review the top two contenders. This video covers the canon m50 vs the sony a6400. Watch the video for details.These two cameras are the some of the best vlogging cameras on the market.

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Think Media says:

QOTD ⚡Which camera do you think is better? Let me know! 👇🏼 *** Check out complete reviews of each camera in our Sony A6400 VS. Canon M50 YouTube playlist here ➡️

Kyle's 91 Kicks says:

Thanks for this vid!

Reza Hedi says:

Very honest review. Thanks guys. Still A6400 is a small camera and it doesn't give me sense of having a real camera. Compare to M50, size-wise, I feel I have a toy in my hands.

Kathy’s Vlog says:

We’re do you even buy this camera I need one to make me a channel

Barry Maskell says:

You forgot the Panasonic G95

Ned Ah tchoy says:

Canon for flipscreen and Sony for Autofocus…

LOLxKYNG says:

Canon M50. Way better than the cheap ass $60 Logictecj cam I have a home.

Christina Almas says:

Great information. Thank you so much.

Gabe's island says:

I got some wak vlogs on my channel please go check it out

A.J Do Stuff says:

I just got myself the M50.

Adam Patrawala says:

I don't know why I'm watching this video
Because I can't afford them

Freddie Causey says:

That's great 1hour 27 min recording limit on the A6400.

In LOVE says:

Well, can you just tell me what to buy in the budget. Too many product reviews in youtube making me confuse. if i want to make vlog and also if i want to make short movies, what budget camera i can use with 4k, image stabilization and good focus. i have watched too many reviews but asking you because i am seeing that you are handling too many cameras and experts in these things. Please suggest me a camera with these features but in the budget. waiting for your reply.

Sheila Fernander says:

So which is better?

YH N says:

Definitely the Canon M50, not a simple doubt 🙂


How long does it take for recording videos?

Dave C says:

What camera where they using to shoot the sofa shots?

Spy Ninga says:

Thx just got it

senseofstile says:

I have a youtube channel. I shoot video with the Canon M50 & Canon G7x Mk. II. They are both great cameras. I like the Sony A6400 and maybe an upgrade for me in the future. One thing you didn't

bring up is the position of the screen when self vlogging. With the screen on the side with the Canon M50, I might look at it and the end result is it appears I am looking away from the camera. I think that is why Casey Neistat wears sunglasses. With the Sony A6400 (and Canon G7x mk II) this is not an issue. I guess if you are focused on the lens as opposed to the screen, it wouldn't be a problem. Anyway great review.

Blake Sanden says:

what was this video shot with ?

Atif Rana says:

Hey guys. Great content and information. What mic are you guys using during this video? Say the first 30 seconds. Thanks!

Scorpion Sunday says:

will you make a A6400 vs A6500 video, thank you in advance

katt brown says:

Why don’t u use a video recorder instead of a camera?

MatthewGamer Pro says:

You should compare the

4K Wifi Full Spectrum Camcorders, Ultra HD Infrared Night Vision Paranormal Investigation Video Camera with 60fps 24MP 30X Digital Zoom – Ghost Hunting Camera(with 2 batteries, 32GB SD card included) with a Hollywood movie camara

AbdulAziz YT says:

I shoot my travelogues with my IPhone X Max :p with Filmic Pro zooming & cinematics app for pro & believe me the results are great.. 👍

Deicide Nihil says:

what camera did you take this video?

Tommy's Clicks says:

6400 for sure

Lee Shea says:

You failed to mention Canon M50 is NOT weather-sealed but Sony a6400 IS. Unless you always shoot indoors/dust-free settings, dust/moisture can ruin your footage.

blue2love says:

which one your are using?

Danial ADH says:

what gimball u use in this video… the on with dual handle

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