Best Camera for Beginners – Sony vs Canon (2018 Edition)

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Comparing the Sony a6000 to the Canon Rebel SL2 (EOS 200D), two entry-level cameras to see which is the best starting point for beginners: mirrorless or DSLRs.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro & Meeting the Contestants
0:48 – Note about Camera Canada
1:20 – Why I Chose the Rebel SL2 & Sony a6000
1:44 – Other Models Worth Mentioning (T6i, Nikon D3400, etc.)
2:55 – Unboxing: Why Start with Lens Kits?
3:43 – Discussing Focal Lengths & Crop Factors
4:28 – Briefly Explaining Apertures
5:03 – Comparing Size & Features
5:35 – The Differences with the Screens
6:13 – Dual Pixel Autofocus & Touch Capabilities
6:56 – Electronic vs Optical Viewfinders
8:09 – Image Quality & Side-by-Side Comparison
9:21 – What about Video?
9:48 – Ergonomics & Menus
10:14 – Upgrade Paths: Thinking Ahead with Lenses

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Paul Mendoza says:

nice watch!! what brand and model is it?

imen5686 says:

You’re amazing!! Thank you for this thorough review and for helping me decide which one to go with!

X4R4X says:

u should multiply focal length when u are placing a full frame lens on a cropped sensor body!
Canon EF-S lenses are built specifically for cropped sensor cameras, u do not need to multiply it to 1.6

Ezio assasin says:

What about Cannon 4000d

Daniel J Rodriguez says:

Two cameras for street photography/photography in general: Sony A6000 or Lumix G7 witch one would you get please? 😊thank you

No One says:

I’ve used the canon Sl2 (costs $500-$900) and then have also used the 550D(T2i) which is $200 online
I personally like the T2i better. Better build quality to me. It also has more settings on the dial, the SD card slot is on the side so u don’t have to worry about it whenits on a tripod. To me it just feels like a better camera. The sl2 can do Slo mo 1080p 60fps. However the T2i only does HD at 25fps. That’s the only bad thing but still the 720p slo motion on T2i is pretty good. Not as good but it’s still good and most people woudnt even be able to tell. It has no flip out screen but personally I don’t really care about that cause aiming ur camera while u can’t see urself means u have to practice. Practice=becoming a better film maker. I like challenging myself and improving so personally I don’t care that there is no flip out screen.
I just like the T2i better, just feels more professional and reliable to me. It feels more challenging and at the same time very easy to use.
It’s just $200 or lower. The next time I upgrade it’s gonna be to the A7iii or higher.
I recommend the T2i or t3i to beginners. For photography it’s absolutely amazing. For cinematic films 24-25fps its an absolute beast.

Rich F says:

I don't see how either of these really junky cameras and lens provides and beginner and opportunity to understand photography or to progress in skills. It's like learning leaning to play piano on a Toys R' Us toy piano. They are boring because they are crippled – not cropped. My guess is that they will either be returned or stored away on the top shelf of a closet and then back to the cell-camera, a much better P&S option. The jargon you use underscores how divorced your suggestions are from an hobbiest POV.

Mancho says:

What about a Canon 600d? They are about 200$ used and have 60fps,16 megapixels and a flip out screen. I think its pretty good for begginers in film and photography. 😄

Chris Co. says:

The colour palette in this video looks so damn good. I love the purple.

Jim McCarthy says:

Oh man, while I wanted to like the Sony, the menu is not intuitive and not easy to change settings. Also when you hang a longer lens on it, it's very front heavy and not comfortable to hold. Went Canon where to my eyes, the colors look great vs the oversaturated and a bit different color with the Sony.

Thelacan says:

Oof, still a hard decision on between canon and sony. I'm looking for a camera that can fare well in nature and bicycle touring conditions. For travel purpose the smaller frame seems appealing.

Scarlette Willson says:

Which camera would you recommend for live streaming working with OBS studio?

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