Best Camera Backpack for 2020 (Wandrd, Peak Design, Shimoda, the Manfrotto, CosySpeed and Atlas)

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What’s the best camera backpack for 2020? We review six popular options: Wandrd Prvke, Peak Design Travel Backpack, Shimoda Explore, Manfrotto Manhattan Mover, CosySpeed PhotoHiker and Atlas Athlete.

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Chaitanya Shukla says:

Who started myth forests of Southern India are hot? rather they are quite cool and humid, its only the grasslands of Deccan plateau that are hot and dry.

ai ai says:

Hello from Tampa

Gabe Media says:

should tested HEX brand backpacks. they hold a heck ton are are pretty affordable and nice for what they are.

cadmus777 says:

Why not include some of the cheaper options? I went with a Neewer Pro backpack that seems at least 90% as good as any of these, and it was WAY cheaper…

Rosyna Keller says:

I really don’t want a backpack that oozes…

Kit Griffin says:

You might want to remeasure your horse =)
Gotta “hand” it to you… =)

Andrew Clifton says:

I backed Shimoda on Kickstarter, going for the 70 litre Action X. I had to wait months for delivery due to the pandemic, but I'm really delighted with it. I've hiked with it for hours in heavy rain – comfortably carrying a ton of heavy gear – and it performed incredibly well.

Erick Quintanilla says:

I don't know pounds. Only know noct.

Abdulrahman Almoghamis says:

publish in HD since Jordan missed the focus … nice way of hiding the problem … 🙂

Marcus Brown says:

Very few packs give you everything accessory wise in its price. Look at the shimoda which is not the new version out by the way, you want a rain cover, pay extra, camera cubes, pay extra.

xmeda says:

Still prefer my Kata 3n1 30 which allows me to pull out camera quickly. And for serious work only the largest Vanguard Heralder bag with additional strap for 2nd shoulder.

Centerpin Fishing Addicts says:

What, why not include the Lowepro Whistler 450 AW 2?

Aritro says:

At 10:13 you know Chris took off the cover of the lens just to spite some keyboard warriors AHHAH

AG AG says:


Breadnought says:

How tall is Chris? I'm a shorter dude and I find that can't always get a good sense of how a backpack will fit from video reviews unless they specifically mention the reviewers height. I think the largest backpack I've used is a 30L and even that starts to feel a bit large compared to my usual 20L pack.

D Ch says:

Backpack version of the human centipede. 🤣

Paul Lehman says:

Looking for mtn bike backpack that can house a hydration bladder and center mount a full sized tripod. Some bike gear and Nikon d7200 / extra zoom lens / other small camera accessories. Any suggestions?

Arabella Davis says:

Hey guys, maybe do a messenger type or small camera bag video? That would be great since I don't carry much gear. If you've already done it maybe, show me a link Thanks 🙂

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