Best Camera App for Android (2020 Review!)

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Roundup & review of the best Android Camera Apps right now, including our top pick for the BEST Camera App for Android in 2020!

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ā–ŗ Open Camera:
ā–ŗ Manual Camera:
ā–ŗ Filmic Pro (Android):

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— Best Camera Apps for Android (2020 Review!) —

While your Android smartphone or tablet camera is already super powerful out-of-the-box, with just a simple app install you can instantly unlock a TON of advanced functionality to take your results even further.

With the ability to add advanced DSLR-like settings, pro-grade manual controls, and higher quality bitrates standard to most third-party camera apps, you can easily overcome many of the drawbacks of shooting with the built-in apps bundled with your Android device.

In this video, we take a look at all the leading camera apps right now, with a full review and my top picks for the BEST Android Camera Apps in 2020!

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Unpredictable Marj says:

Thanks for sharing. Iā€™m in the market for a better device to use for my YouTube channel

Zen Games says:

I'm using the Old Asus pixelmaster. Full manual mode, super resolution, panorama and all bells & whistles. Newer software (and newer phones ) are completely watered down sadly.

Rebel Wolf says:

Open camera works great on my Moto. But performs poorly on my lg.

Info n Tech says:

Being a professional "youtube tips and tricks" content creator you should realise that you yourself is not getting enough views. And I think the main reason for this is that you are uploading only 1 video a week. I heard in a video that you have tried uploading 2 videos a week too. But I guess you need to keep doing that. Upload 3 videos a week and you should see the difference..

Brian The Camera Guy says:

I have used Filmic Pro. It is good but I hate how the codec works. I am going to have to try Open Camera.

Alberto Secondi says:

Hey Justin, I tried Manual and Open Camera. Hedge Cam is another good one and it has GUI customization. I noticed GCam performs better in low light tan stock on S10 plus… Less noise around the subject. I will have to try Filmic. Thanks for your video!

Jerry Suppan says:

One other you may want to consider reviewing is, Magix' Camera MX for Android, the makers of Vegas Pro, PhotoStory, etc. It's also free and seems to be quite good.

A couple features I find missing from most of these 3rd party apps that I truly want is (1) perpsctive correction, vertical, horizontal and free form (as can be done in Google's Snapseed). However this is more specific to photographi only i reckon rather then videography. The other feature, (2) batch watermarking. This is also probably more photographic then videographic but can also be useful in video too I imagine. I already have Filmic Pro installed.

Thanks for the heads up info here on camera apps. Cheers.

Johannes Nilsen says:

one thing no camera app will fix is distortion on the lense, do you know of any phones that have a non distortion lens? so far it seems like the best option for me is to the best mirrorless camera I can find that fits my needs.

Johannes Nilsen says:

FiLMiC Pro: Professional HD Manual Video Camera is not yet compatible with Sony XZ Premium nor CAT S50 which are two of the phones I have.

Johannes Nilsen says:

some of the paid apps have a demo, but really due to the limitations you can't really test if the app works on your phone properly, but even for those settings that are allowed like some with 60fps, all apps will get a message that the frame rate is not supported by the device, so if you have a Sony XZ Premium you can only shoot 60fps in the Sony camera app

Johannes Nilsen says:

a great feature of Open camera is the file naming year month day hour minute seconds, instead of repeating naming system, which I dislike.

Johannes Nilsen says:

I have Sony XZ Premium, so I can't shoot 60 fps in non Sony apps, but Sony also don't allow high ISO setting in manual mode, nor do the other apps if I try them.
I think what Sony is doing is silly.
but the 60 fps thing came with updates, so now I only can actually use the Sony app properly. all other apps are limited to 30fps or lower no matter resolution.
ridiculous of Sony to do this.
anyone know of something that works on Sony phones?

Jeremy 124 says:

The normal one lol

Clash Miner says:

Record a tutorial about LOG/S-LOG shooting on Open Camera, please.

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