Best Budget Travel Tripod — K&F Concept Tripod Review

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Quick review of one of the best budget travel tripods from K&F Concept. Check out the K&F Concept compact 62” lightweight tripod on Amazon here: **** Watch other videos in the BEST budget YouTube equipment here:

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1. K&F Concept 62” DSLR Tripod, Lightweight and Compact Aluminum Camera Tripod (TM2324 Black)

2. Check out other videos in our “Best Budget YouTube Equipment Video Series” here:

3. (Video) Best Camera Bags for Travel (I talk about my favorite Think Tank bag for camera gear)

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About This Video:
In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media reviews the best budget travel tripod called the k&f concept tripod tm2324. The k&f concept tripod 62 is a budget travel tripod and in this lightweight tripod review, you’ll learn all about this k&f concept tripod review tm2324. If you are looking for a lightweight tripod, check out this k&f concept tripod review.


Think Media says:

⚡️QOTD: What tripod are you currently using? What features do you look for in a tripod? LMK! 👇👇👇 Also, check out other videos in our BEST Budget YouTube Equipment series here ➡️➡️➡️

Hobbies says:

great review!!

Anita Tuboly says:

I actually both this tripod after your review, and I am loving it, it is not heavy, easy to open it fast and really affordable tripod. Happy to support you with the amazon commisions 🙂 thanks

Snowwalker says:

Is it good for landscape photography?

Nasrul Hakim says:

Lancar banget bahasa inggrisnya mas….

Juan Carlos Lopez says:

I travel with a VANGUARD 235AB. Love it!

nightryder21 says:

How does it compare to the Mactrem CT62 that you reviewed before?

Awthentik says:

Where can I get the hoodie bro?

SYN30STM says:

Geekoto 77 aluminum has the click when adjusting the legs. It also has thr snap adjustment legs too. If you could review it, it would be great. Debating on what tripod to get K&F or the Mactrem

Heat Kickz says:

The thing I love about your Equipment on a budget is that Not only do you recommend items that are inexpensive and good for beginners but items that are also really good quality and just happened to have Alott of bang for your buck. Most budget videos they’re just showing you what’s the cheapest but most of those products have no quality to them and can sometimes make things even harder when it comes photography. With Sean he recommends budget equipment that is always super high-quality price being considered. Definitely a wealth of knowledge when it comes to video and photography and I’ve noticed I have made several great well-informed purchase decisions based on his recommendations and never regretted it once. Thanks Sean 🙏. Keep up the good work.

shaolin95 says:

Mm they claim almost 3 lbs with the head….

MrBarbaluto says:

I think the Phot-R PT258 beats this tripod, you should make a video about it!

Jeanpierre Canizares says:

By far my favorite channel for gear incite. Quick, thorough, honest, and CLEAR. Great job guys!

newzealandpromoter says:

(Sorry, same question as I left on the Mactrem review page) – Can the ball head be swapped out with a fluid head easily enough? Thanks.

Jay R Ocampo says:

Great! Just exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks for sharing the info. Keep it up!!!

Tom Holroyd says:

will i be able to use this with a L bracket ?

Surf Earth says:

What about the missing handle?

Devesh Devu says:

Hy! nice video i actually watch all video from your both channels i actually thinking to start channel and also start doing photography
so, will this tripod that you have review will work for both…video and photography…🤔🤔🤔

Grégoire Vassy says:

I bought it it's exellent. Thank you!

Philip John Espiritu says:

What a awesome review, affordable especially 62 inches. Will this tripod work on iPhones?

Babar jamali says:

From which camera you have shooted this video

t Lim says:

Rather patronising vlog; sounds more like a K&F salesman talking the good talk.

Dana Mills says:

I bought this tripod based on the recommendation in this video – I can happily say it was exceeded my expectations. I, too, am a taller guy (6'3") so the extra height was a plus. It's much more sturdy than tripods priced in this range. Thanks @ThinkMedia for the solid review.

Todd Strong says:

Thanks for this recommendation! I just ordered it on (I'm in Canada) $101.99 CDN

MT Outdoors says:

they really thought this thing through!

m m says:

I want to start off by saying how wonderful it is to have such an honest and down-to-earth review on a product. I'm just a regular guy that loves photography and has hobby money to spend on it. You picked a real product one that all people can possibly afford and I appreciate it. It's not very realistic to watch a review on a accessory that cost more than my camera. So thank you very much

Nobo says:

That’s actually a pretty cool intro

Mike Chambers says:

Can you attach a smart phone to this tripod?

Keelan Tatarliov says:

Yup. I’m sold!

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