Best Budget Starter Camera! | Nikon Coolpix B500 REVIEW

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This is a review of what I think the best budget starter camera is for anyone who wants to get into photography! Hope you all enjoy!

Nikon Coolpix B500:


L I K E & S U B S C R I B E


Judi Koss says:

I just received this as a gift. I need to learn all the info on my camera, no Manuel was included with my camera.
Thank you for your info. Took a picture of my dog and it was really crisp.

Yassin Bojang says:

Thanks for thissss!! really helped

Nikki C says:

What camera would you recommend for YouTube videos

Anissa says:

How can you connect a microphone to this camera?

katelyn b says:

I got the for Christmas

Samantha Renae says:

i got the camera, it’s amazing.

QuanaDoll says:

I just bought this for myself and I love it. Still getting used to working it because I'm fairly new to photography and digital cameras but so far so good!

Sasje Janssen says:

Well, i have this camera for 2 years now and i have to say its utter crap, specially when you want to use it for filming too, except for the zoomlens. It has a lot of focussing issues from randomly losing focus, even when you got the object in focus when you start filming (and then pulls the focus back to almost macro before even trying to refocus). Since it doesnt have manual focus, there is nothing you can do except hoping there are at least a few shots right. Further it has lightning issues and low dynamic range. Even on a cloudy day i cant make a decent photo or movie without either the sky being way too bright or the rest way to dark. And since you cannot select any manual mode again, there isnt much you can do except hoping for the best. And the screen on the back is just to small to see if your target is (slightly) out of focus.
So for the past 6 months i havent even tried using the camera anymore because even my smartphone gets a better result. My next cam will most likely be a Canon now.

improperusername says:

Would you suggest this camera for somebody looking to upgrade from my camera phone for under $300? Looking for something that I can set up on a tripod to video agility with my dog as well as take decent photos.

Dominick015 says:

Is it a good hiking/outdoor camera?

Aaliyah Herrera says:

How do you charge it?

Sylin Bueno says:

really helpful, thank you so much!!!

Baby Boo says:

Thank you for the information.

rpbsjy says:

Good summary. Just the right level of detail. Thanks!

Thabo Dennis says:

Just bought 1 today, I am new to photography, thanx for the review

K-Bosco Fit says:

Hi can I buy camera from you if you have extra one.

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