Best $500 Youtuber Camera in 2019? Canon M50 vs Panasonic Lumix G7

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**CORRECTION** G7 has a slight crop in 4k, but not as much as M50.
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Potato Jet says:

WHOOPS! Turns out there's a slight 4k crop with the G7 as well, but a fairly minor one compared to the M50. Told ya I don't know what I'm talking about!

Michael Lemgo says:

I would like to win the canon m50… It will be my first camera, I would learn with it and start a photography business

M8Tty1694 says:

I would wanna get the M50. Seriously considering the G7 before finding and watching this now I'm on amazon right now. the autofocus and the 120fps sold me immediately! Great video man!

Meet Patel says:

Hey there…
As I am going to start my Videography channel on youtube…and for that I really need it…I hope you have seen this comment …
And M50 is better for me!

Sardor Agzamov says:

I’d like canon m50

Cutie Girl 09 says:

Why the fuck don’t u just tell us which side is which camera, fuck sake

Piers Alphonse says:

G7 to start real estate 🙂

Pegasus says:

The cannon M50 would be so awesome to have! I'd love to have a great starter's camera of my own because I have an Instagram for cosplay and I really want to expand it 😀

Hanshi GEARO says:

At the beginning my eyes prefer to watch cam 1, but the focus started to make me cringe. At the end my eyes prefer cam 2.

ZulSembangKencangBikers says:

100/120fps support only 720p? This is 2019.Quite dissapointed because often i shoot 100fps with my gopro

Luis Garcia says:

I have watch like 20 videos about cameras and this is the best one so far, i would like to win the m50 for my son he wants to start making video gaming videos..

SportyMedStudent says:

Appreciate the comparison video. Thank you!

forkan saroar says:

i would like to have m50
because i really want it

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