Best 5 Inch Camera Monitors!

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Looking for the best 5 inch monitor for your camera? Here are 4 options at different prices with great assist features! I’ve tested my fair share of camera monitors and can honestly tell you these are some of the better options for your money. You can watch more of my monitor reviews here:

SmallHD Focus
My full review:–l0

Also check the ikan DH5e which is the same monitor

Andycine A6
My full review:
Also check the F7 as it is the same monitor Amazon:

Feelworld F570

Each of these monitors sports various assist features. Here are a few to keep an eye out for when shopping:

Pixel Zoom (type)
Touch Screen for pinch focus
Frame Guides
Preset Aspect Ratios
DSLR Scale
Custom Scales
Anamorphic De-Squeezes 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.66x, 2.0x
Image Rotate
Image Flip
Focus Assist (Colors)
False Color
RGB Parade
Horizon Indicator
Image Capture
Custom LUTS
Color Calibration
Image Overlay
Blue Only
Audio Meters

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DSLR Video Shooter says:

Which monitor interests you most?
Also, I'll be selling the T Shirt from this video and several others soon!!! Just gotta finish up some designs!

C R says:

What size battery is best for the 5” size monitor? 550/750/970? thanks

Made In England says:

Why do any of you ask questions? That NEVER get answered!

Aleksander Razny says:


Lee Barker says:

Do these work with the a6000?

Carlos Santini says:

Hi, do you have a video for 7 inch monitors?

Michael Dande says:

please consider doing an update on this video for 2020 monitors , thanks

Steven Waldstein says:

Do you have a 2020 update to this video? If not what do you recommend these days?

AnderzonTek says:

Which monitor should you recommend for a canon EOS R?

Tufail Uddin says:

does any of these monitors extend the recording time paired with the A7iii

emilie orriere says:

"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best touch screen monitor hope it helps you out too!"

Ruth Welch says:

"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best baby monitor hope it helps you out too!"

Carlos Contreras says:

whats cam use with those monitors?

Xenarc Technologies says:

Thanks for using the Xenarc Technologies 7" LCD Rugged Monitor that lasts over 6 years and is built to work anywhere.

The Misfit Pond says:

I don’t recommend people to buy the feelworld. I had a lot of bad experiences with it. Excellent video btw!

Glen M. Danielsen says:

Thanks very much for interesting and helpful vid! In my case, will need a recording monitor. Looking at the Atomos Ninja V. Thanks again.

Mark Lasecki says:

Mark Lasecki

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