Best 4K Camera 2020 Under 400 Dollars – Panasonic Lumix FZ300 Bridge Camera TOP Features

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Best 4K Camera 2020 Under 400 Dollars. Buy this camera βž₯ Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300, best budget bridge camera 2020. If you’re looking for a 4K camera with great features and best value for the money, the Lumix FZ300 is probably the best 4K bridge camera for you. Subscribe

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Best 4K Bridge Cameras
Top Features:
The Lumix FZ300 is the best in class with 24X (25-600mm) full-range F2.8 aperture Leica Lens.
Splashproof / Dustproof body design.
12.1-megapixel high sensitivity MOS sensor and up to 6400 ISO.
5 Axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization.
Shoot your videos in 4K and up to 30 frames per second.
OLED Live View Finder of 0.39″ (1440k dots).
Free angle touch panel rear monitor of 3 inches.
Post Focus, the feature that gives you the ability to sharp the target after the picture was taken.
High Speed Auto-Focusing with a burst shooting speed of 6 frames per second.
Enhance your creativity in 4K Photos with 3 Burst shooting modes.
Continues Burst Shooting at 12 frames per second in 12 megapixel full resolution.
Macro shots, the FZ300 can shoot up to a distance of 1cm.
Wi-Fi with Image App Easy Sharing and Geotagging.
Shoot images in RAW format, and develop from inside de camera.
Special Efects on Photos/Videos.
Record High Speed Video in 100fps/HD or 200fps/VGA.

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Best 4K Camera 2020 Under $400 Lumix FZ300


learn share says:

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Buy Lumix FZ300
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FastZebra Zoom says:

4k resolution does not automatically equal crisp videos with amazing quality. Two different things. Buyer beware. This camera, and many other 4k cameras, use a sensor that would fit right on the tip of your pinky finger. Micro sized sensors trying to do 4k is basically garbage. Always research the camera and the size of the sensor it comes with. Then buy a camera with the biggest sensor you can afford. Some people don't mind the quality trade-off with smaller sensors, but just be aware of what you are buying.

74360CUDA says:

Count Iblis reviewing cameras

andynew2 says:

I've just purchased mine. Now learning what it can do.

Kuzuma Studios says:

Hi who did the voice over.. Love it man!!

Richard Steeples says:

What is a 4K Photo is it better then a 42mp camera

Mr W says:

I owned a used one of these but it had been knocked about,
So I thought I'd buy a new upgrade,
The FZ1000,
AFTER using the FZ1000 for a few days I still missed the fz300,
I sold the fz1000 and got me another new fz300,
I'm now happy 😊

Damien Pol says:

As long as cameras can't do 60fps at 4K then they're not really 4K.

Each Nine Teach Nine says:

Great review! Also, question: Do you like pinenuts?

scott dodds says:

I agree the FZ300 is a great camera, but it's overpriced when you can get a similar full 1" sensor camera for very little more. And it's stupid for video because it does not have a headphone jack. That's essential. Find a used RX10 if you are on a budget.Β  (The Fz300 is even bigger than an RX10!) Or if you just want stills save a buck and get the more compact fz200 instead (which I own and love for stills and less critical video work.)

Fungz Bnk says:

100K Subscribe πŸ‘Œ

Truly Simple says:

I bought this for S$600+ 4 yrs ago.
This is really good for travelling. f/2.8 throughout the entire zoom.

CGi Music Present says:

Good fetures


would you recommend for concerts?

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