Besder Yoosee wireless ip camera Unbox And Review Sinhala Srilanka

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Besder Yoosee wireless ip camera….

12v power adepter order……



Naveen R says:

how to insert memory card

Lauranne SOULIER says:

do you know where is the reset button i cannot find it !? i changed all my home Wifi SSID… and cannot reset the camera to link it again on my network :/

Roberto says:

Please help me to setup, i find the ip but the PORT I'VE TRIED 8889,80,8080,34567,ALL.— nothing.. so port? user and password? thanks i would like to set with my nvr

Егор Смирнов says:

nice video, thank you! I'm looking for new cameras to add to my Xeoma software based security system, so do you think this camera will work with Xeoma?

kaan can says:

what is video format ? avi,

Madusha Mendis says:

pana atiwa kiyapanko kollo gana kiyada

ashish patidar says:

How to connect besder cam to nvr ,supports onvif protocol

chathura gunathilaka says:

Aiye mm me cctv ek gaththa ee kole thiyen widiht mm app ek gathth eeke wenas widiht ne tiyenn

ST:Production says:

привет. помощь! У меня есть IP-камера, которую я сделал, и после повторного подключения не работает. разве ты не знаешь, что я могу сделать?

Çağrı Yıldırım says:

ne diyon amk evladı türkçe konuş

chathura gunathilaka says:

Aiye ooooka wifi rawtar ekk harahada denna oone

Cristiano Keller says:

If I lived in Sri Lanka, I would certainly use Sri Cam.

microsoldier says:

the camera creates its own hotspot ryt? we do not need to connect it to router?

Ceylon Life says:

chip eka fill unahama parana ewa makila automa aluth ewa record wenawada? nattan api chip eka galawa galawa chip eka empty karanna onada?

SAnjula Tharindu says:

supperb video

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