BenQ LR100 Digital Camera Review

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Ngopi 👍👍👍

TechArenaIndia says:

You can just change the camera mode on Auto or Scene mode and then it wont get blocked.

govegeta11 says:

das it record movies with fish eye? its very important

govegeta11 says:

i bought this camera today, and the effects in watercolor recording are blocked, do you know how to fix it?

TechArenaIndia says:

As per the Benq LR100 Camera's technical specifications, it does have Fisheye support.

govegeta11 says:

das it have fish eye?

TechArenaIndia says:

Depends on your Memory Storage capacity

Raj S says:

As per specification of BenQ LR 100, HD video recording only works if you are using Class 4 or Above SDHC card. It does not work on the regular cards. The longest HD recording limit is around 29 Minutes and Digital zoom does not works on it. Thanks for watching the video.

overcooler says:

How do I enable HD video recording? I tried two SD cards already, but it worked with none of them. All the HD video options stay in grey like in this video and I can't choose them.

TechArenaIndia says:

If you are asking about the internal storage then you cannot get enough output. A HD recording video of around 2min goes above 50 to 60 MB or even higher. You can extend the storage by adding a Memory Card. The battery capacity of this camera is good. But it changes as per the usage. Compare to HD Recording the camera works longer for Photos.

Paul German says:

Please can you answer these questions:
How much does the battery last? How many photos and how long for fullHD record?
Could you also plese tell me how much storage does 1 min of fullHD video need?

TechArenaIndia says:

Yes, it has both Facial Recognition and Auto Focus.

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