Beginner Film Camera Comparison | Canon AE-1 vs Minolta x-370

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Which 35mm Film Camera Should I Get? Comparing two of the most popular budget-friendly 35mm film photography cameras in this tutorial! Both are under $100 This photography video is great for those looking to start in film but don’t know where to begin when it comes to purchasing equipment. I am so excited to be partnered with KEH Camera on this tutorial! They are where I bought my Minolta X370 from (the one you see in this video!) over a year ago. It’s a reliable option for purchasing AND selling your used camera gear. All of the items on their website are throughly inspected for quality and each listing is graded, you can see the different lens option conditions (for example: excellent and like-new). Even before this video when I purchased from KEH my film camera arrived very fast, which I was pleasantly surprised to find!

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Minolta X-370:
Canon AE-1:

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Jessica Whitaker says:

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Syltography says:

Thanks Jessica! Really great video, I've never shot film but it's starting to interest me a lot more for some reason. I suppose the necessity of intention with photos.. Also I love the way you say "Canon" lol

UncontrolleDperson says:

Great comparison! Thanks!

Michael Beech says:

You inspired me… and I just found a Canon AE-1 on Marketplace for $30 bucks! I figure it's worth taking the chance!

oh hey says:

Please do more of these🥺🥺 i recently just got a canon ae-1! 😍

Pascal Vallinoto says:

The test is interesting but the comparison is wrong..the cameras are not compared but the lenses..the 50mm minolta has less contrast and is brighter, canon has more contrast and is slightly dark, has a bad tonal range…minolta is better

hesham fouad says:

Ty Minolta is interesting is it sony now

5argeTech / says:

I now use a DSLR…. But I shoot as though I am using film…
Digital is great…

Aamauri Smith says:

i bought both for $10 each at a flea market, if you’re paying over $40 for each you’re doing something wrong

William Pupo says:

I love my Minolta XD11 just as much my Sony a7RII.

Nico Aguilar says:

Minolta ftw 🤗

Plutonius X says:

Max headroom

Wild Stork says:

could you tell me what lens did you used for your minolta? portraits looks beautiful!

Jonathan Araujo says:

How would I get the images uploaded up to my laptop?? Or how would I be able to get it into Digital form? Idk if that made sense

Jai singh says:

Minolta or canon

Jai singh says:

Which one is best as per you view

Jai singh says:

Hi Jessica you are so beautiful

Manda Xo says:

I think they’re both beautiful in their own way🤔

Katelyn Ferguson Photography says:

I looooooove my AE-1

Tessa Maye says:

The softness and slightly darker hue of the canon shots 😍 Both were lovely, I so enjoy your work!

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