Asus ROG Phone 2 Most Powerful Android Unboxing & Overview

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Asus ROG Phone 2 Unboxing & Overview this is the most powerful Android Smartphone has a 6.59″ AMOLED Screen with 120 Hz refresh rate HDR10 support with Gorilla Glass 6 protection it’s powered by Snapdragon 855+ SOC comes in 8/12 GB RAM storage would be 128/512 GB a dual rear camera 48MP + 13MP (ultra wide) a 24MP front camera and a 6000 mAh battery that supports 30w fast charging and stereo speakers.

Asus ROG would be available in India via flipkart from 30th Sept and starts at Rs 37,999


Geekyranjit says:

Asus ROG Phone 2 FAQ video that answers your questions about this phone


Shi h m installment pe one plus 7T lene vaala tha agle hafte 😆jaan, bach gyi
Ab to yehi lunga
Kya karein paisa nhi h isliye installment pe le rha hun
Par shauk bhi to poore karne hain hahaha

Maximus Shantaro BaBaMaXXX YT says:

now im confused which one should i buy asus 6z or this. im in love with asus 6z flip camera but this phone is seducing me , now i think im cheating on asus 6z

Adrienne Cameron says:

This is going on my birthday list

Ajith samsunder says:

Great thing that this don't have that notch crap 😁😁😁

Vishal Laishram says:

Does it support direct video call without any apps like we can on MI device?

Ayan Shah says:

When will it come in pakistan

Siddhant Burathoki says:

No doubt its a beast device bt i will never buy any asus device as earlier i had asus zenfone 3 with glass back and an update killed its rear camera and it really strugled in focusing and capturing and now its completely non functional. Now my mom uses it just for you tube.

Rahul Jain says:

Dual 4G supported or not ?

Vidyullatha Bandhakavi says:

Is it sanpdraagon 855 or 855+

Vidyullatha Bandhakavi says:

Will it get Android 10 quick

ajay v says:

oneplus 7pro or asus rog 2

anil aeek says:

Phone these days are not just about placing calls and receiving calls it has become more than that… Ideas are changing the ways phones needs to be and not sure what more interesting things and improvement we can see in the coming future….

Alexi Volkuf says:

What's the difference between China version and global version in terms of specs? Do they have the same battery?

Tushar Kathuria says:

Great hardware with buggy software..

Abhiraj Rajan says:

Pls review Yamaha yht1840

Raj Vaniya says:

Hindi me bolne me saram ati he Engreg

Vipul Thakur says:

Changing T shirts in-between review…
Is this due to phone specifications..😄😂😂

Suman Biswas says:

He is one of the paid reviewers of ASUS.

Shreenath Shinde says:

Its Simple if u r a gamer you go with this….. but if you wanna blend in society & game occasionally go OP7T u'll not regret

Dhananjay Vashist says:

Sasta version Of Unbox therapy

Dhananjay Vashist says:

Dude plz slow down. Not able to understand you. Why you in a hurry. Aayi hai kya???

Shanmukha Sri vastava Gatti says:

Poco f1 or realme xt which is better?…can u make a dedicated video on this?

samar singh says:

Amazing phone true one plus killer

sriram v says:

why does he keep on saying AND, AND, AND

saurav kumar says:

price bta na maderchod

MaBombo says:

What is asus doing releasing the rog phone 2 at that same price as the zenfone 6. They really killed the zenfone 6

mehul jaiswal says:

Did we get a external fan accesory as the box content.


It has OIS or not..???
Display is amoled or super amoled…??
It has wireless charging or not.??
Is there any IP certification..??

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