Arlo Ultra 4K Security WiFi Camera Review – Unboxing, Features, Setup, Sample Footage and Issues

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Today, we will be checking out the latest security camera from Arlo. The Arlo Ultra which is a 4k Wireless WiFi Security camera. We will do the unboxing, check out the features, setup and show some sample footage.

Also, this camera is not ready for the market. Arlo released this prematurely and It has some major issues that Arlo is trying to fix. Paying customers are their beta testers for this camera.

Current issues:

Connectivity and Offline issues – as of 01/17/19, somewhat fixed.
SD card recording doesn’t record the whole footage
There are instances that an event is not recorded to the cloud or even to the micro SD card. There will be an alert notification but no video.

4k sample footage –
Arlo Ultra Forums –


revadan says:

lets go back to Ring..

Andy Bibby says:

I just don't get how these cctv makers can't give us at least the same quality we can get from our mobile phones. Thanks for these videos.

judgiedee says:

Thanks for the review, excellent as always.

First Name says:

These cameras are far too over priced for what you are getting. I spent about $1,300 overhauling my CCTV system last year. I upgraded to from 15 1080p cameras to 10 Amcrest 4K (8MP) cameras. Sticking with 5 of the 1080p cameras for less foot traffic areas. I could even sell them to get some of my money back if I wished. But for an extra $500 I was able to get 8 more cameras than I would have got buying this new system. And the fact that I have a 10TB NVR means that I will never have to pay any subscriptions, so it's still cheeper to go the way I did.
The only wifi cameras I use are 3 ring floodlights, 2 ring doorbell pros and then alarm system which is $100 a year. However that doesn't bother me since most alarm systems charge way over $100 per year for monitoring… so ring is just overall best value for money. The worst part about this new Arlo product is it doesn't even work properly.

Henderson Sisco says:

Great video, thanks for the review. I was looking forward to the ultra and now will wait until the bugs are fixed

Carl Evans says:

So you can not set motion zones without paying for the cloud plan?? That's the reason I didn't buy the Logitech Circle 2. I can't justify paying monthly just to have a feature that my $30 YI Camera can do now.
I was excited about these cameras, but I'm no long impressed. They are over priced. And requiring a monthly plan for cloud storage and motion zones is a HUGE step backwards from the previous generation.

Jan Beck says:

thumbs down on Arlo!

MJ A. says:

What a mess with the 4K and in my opinion they never really fixed all the issues with the Arlo Pro 2 cameras. I think the only stable one is the Arlo Pro IMO.

Lawn Equipment Videos says:

I'll stick with my two 720p and my one 1080p arlo camera these are to expensive. For this price I would rather have a wired system. Do a license plate test

Craig King says:

Few questions can you please compare the Pro 2's vs the ultra video quality. It would be really nice to see the difference. I am also curious to see either the bitrate for the clips recorded to the SD card or just a comparison in size. It may also be interesting to see what video codec is used.

I have a feeling they are being to aggressive with the compression/bitrate and killing the quality.

fanaticofutube says:

hahahaha Arlo. I think i will leave my security in the hands of Ring for the time being. Great Video!

Cheryl R Leigh says:

While I understand (and appreciate the reality of) first-gen bugs; this is just ridiculous.

Thanks, LifeHackster!

Darren Lehman says:

Can't view 4K video without a 4K screen! Waste of money.

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