Arlo Ultra 4K Review – One Year Later – Is this home security camera worth $600?

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The initial release of the Arlo Ultra was, to put it mildly, kind of a disaster. It was a rough enough start that Arlo had to pull the Ultra from shelves until they did enough tweaks and improvements to re-introduce it to the world. It’s been a year now since all that went down, so now is a good time to revisit the Arlo Ultra and see if it’s everything they (originally) promised it would be.

0:00 – The disastrous initial release of the Arlo Ultra
2:27 – What’s in the box? Overview of the cameras and base
4:07 – The Arlo app
6:50 – Testing the camera, including color nightvision, motion tracking, and microphone
9:35 – The slow app
10:15 – The subscription plans
12:35 – The bottom line
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Comments says:

Steve went super in-depth on this one! Want to skip ahead somewhere? Here's the table of contents:
0:00 – The disastrous initial release of the Arlo Ultra
2:27 – What's in the box? Overview of the cameras and base
4:07 – The Arlo app
6:50 – Testing the camera, including color nightvision, motion tracking, and microphone
9:35 – The slow app
10:15 – The subscription plans
12:35 – The bottom line

alex chan says:

Steve, did they fix the issues via a firmware update, or was it done via hardware?

Lean 2200 says:

I just went with ring i had the ultra and there was so many problems i sold it.

Carlos Chingon says:

They are trash I got a 4 ultra system had all cameras and smart hub replace at least ones and still missing a lot of recordings and connecting issues

Jerome Bohman says:

Had issues from day one. Have had 3 Ultras for 3 months now. Two of those months were me trying to aquire a RMA (replacement for a defective camera) HOLY SH*T was that a nightmare. Absolutely the worst customer service. I like the cams and the system. But pray you don't get a defective camera….

Darren Fitzgerald says:

DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT!! Purchased these camera's new with 2 Arlo Solar Panels in December 2019. I installed them on December 10, 2019 and ran into issue immediately. Was getting alerts for everything even though I had setup zones for alerts. If there was movement on the camera even outside the zone it would alert me. Which had me contact support my first time, which seriously is a joke. I didn't realize it at first but since my multiple calls since then I have found that they don't really know their products at all. Here are a list of issues I have had after only owning this system for 4 months:

1. Alerts and Video recording outside of alert zones (took about 12 days to be resolved).
2. Upgraded to Elite subscription for 4K recordings and after 15 days all my videos were deleted. Called and said it was resolved.
3. My videos started to have some loud cracking noises in the recordings when I called support they told me they would setup an RMA for the camera but it would cost me $35 to have it shipped to me next day. After about 3 days I had to call support to see what was going on since they didn't ship out yet. Long story short it took me about a week to get the replacement camera that I had to spend extra to get shipped to me quicker. Oh yea, FYI if you have an RMA you will have to pay shipping for their defective product. So $25 minimum to have a camera replaced even if it is just 60 days old.
4. At the end of the month all my previous videos were deleted yet again, after going back and forth with support they tried to tell me that I didn't have a subscription.
5. Yesterday out of the blue at around 2:05pm EST, my fiancee and I were getting alerts like crazy on the phone for motion. Yet when we looked into the Library to see what it was there were no recordings. My guess was I was getting alerts for movement anywhere on the camera even outside the designated zones. Called support they tried to tell me it was because I purchased the Elite subscription and I need to cancel that to have it work again. Yet today after having to disarm my cameras overnight the issue just went away.

Some other points no one tells you. The camera batteries will not charge when the unit is below a certain temp. If you live anywhere in the north with a true winter be prepared for this. My Solar panels are worthless in the winter. After having to call support 4 times now in just 4 months I can say support is a joke. I have more luck on the Arlo community forum. That is where I was able to find I was not alone for my first issue.

I have the Arlo Ultra 2 camera and 2 Arlo Solar Panels which set me back about $700. I did plenty of research on youtube to see what camera system was the best. All the youtubers gave good reviews of the Arlo system. But I had a different opinion. I want to throw these units in the trash since I have not even had 30 days straight without an issue for a brand new item.


Ricky Jones says:

That camera is amazing. I have 4 Arlo Pro 2s and love them. I would love to get the Arlo Ultra, but that price is still way too much. For $600 I could get a complete low end security system!

Willie Copher says:

What resolution are the local direct recordings, 4K, 2K, or 1080P?

Lou Pyzik says:

The big selling points arlo were wireless and no subscription. The no subscription is how I justified the high cost.
The subscription does not offer enough to get to switch, especially with how much the initial cost of the cameras are. If they fix the local storage bugs, perhaps.

Mauricio Teixeira says:

Most of the times the Pro2 misses the beginning of a movement. Did they fix that on the Ultra?

Ray Ha says:

What's the alternative then?

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