Arlo Pro 3 Review – 2K Battery Powered Security Camera | Compared to Arlo Ultra & Arlo Pro 2

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Today, we will be checking out the Arlo Pro 3 – a 2K Wireless and Battery Powered Security Camera. We will do the unboxing, check out the features and settings and we will compare the video and audio quality to the Arlo Ultra – 4k and the Arlo Pro 2 – 1080p.

Which Arlo Camera is better?

Arlo Ultra Review –
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Arlo Pro 3 Sample Footage (2K) –
Arlo Ultra Sample Footage (4K) –

Screen Capture @ 30 feet:
Arlo Pro 3 –
Arlo Ultra –
Arlo Pro 2 –

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Paul Rice says:

The pro 2 looks better, but it’s tracking is a bit off

Hakan Yucel says:

Nice Video!

william lobur says:

i know nothing about security cameras, my question is, say if i am at a restaurant can i view my camera on my iphone from the restaurant ?

ruth hinojposa lozano says:

Do the cameras work in mexico

Tomas Gulas says:

Can you keep the charging cable attached to the camera that's been mounted to hard to reach area?

Shield University says:

My new pro3 batteries just died from 50% in 4 hrs. Any idea why?

Frankie Lee says:

Dear LifeHackster, Arlo Pro 3 / or Ultra. we notice their slight delay in notification, how about any Toggle Option ( Switch on / off ) from app to disable AI recognition process from arlo server? to make everything faster? or we have to set Higher sensitive (not sure it help notificaition speed)… Arlo Updates: Local access storage allowed for SD /USB(forget which) but only for VMB5000, or VMB4540, new Smart hub) my idea is trying to forget about AI , only what I want is faster motion notification.. 🙂 thanks.

Leo says:

Does anybody know how much the pro 3 subscription costs is to view recordings?

Will G says:

With the newest Arlo update this week, does this mean we can access 2k and 4k footage from local storage now through the app?

shaolin95 says:

I like the Pro 3 IQ over the other 2 BUT not sure how reliable that plug will be as right now I have my Pro 2 with a USB plug through the wall so it never runs out of battery. With the magnetic connect on the Pro 3 it could be a deal breaker.

The Huguenot says:

I guess I wont be upgrading from 2 to 3 then, if there is no free storage. I already pay ring enough for storage

Mike Cianfrocco says:

Bought the ultra. Dec 6 cannot do live 4k viewing there is a glitch. Video quality not what i expected .
If i do live 4k the video is reduced to 1/4 of the camera. Almost like it zoomed in 4x and i cant see much. Arlo said they are working on it. How can i view videos in 4k then?

It is currently plugged in with power outside.

Fredskie100 says:

Is the bad nightvision specifically at the arlo pro3 not because of the 160 grad field of view?

E_rich C says:

I think the Arlo pro 2 is a better buy to me.

Adam Payne says:

G'day LifeHackster.. I have a quick question relating to the Night Mode Infra-red .. with the spotlight disabled for night mode would the PIR led's refract the infra-red light off a pane of glass if the camera was pointing towards it? So for example, I wish to mount a camera at the front door which has a full length and 8" wide pane of glass beside it, the camera would be mounted indoors behind the glass with the camera lens pointing through it facing to the outdoors. I hope that makes sense.

slandshark says:

Hey @LifeHackster when you are testing these cameras, are you hardwiring any part of them or just using wireless and battery power?

benben20 says:

Do they record constantly or only when they detect motion?

slandshark says:

I read Arlo Pro 3 don't work with Samsung Smartthings anymore (while arlo pro 2 does). Is this confirmed? This would be a huge negative (and would prevent me from buying arlo).

I've about to cancel my order for Blink XT2 in favor of Arlo Pro 2, but with no ST integration, they are both useless to me.

Adrian Aiello says:

Thanks for this, I was about to purchase the Arlo 3 until this video, now I'm not purchasing anything from Arlo, the night vision is embarrassing on the 3 and ultra, way way better on the 2 but the day quality on the 2 is a lot worse than the 3 and ultra, really pathetic that night vision on the more expensive units, what the hell was Arlo thinking lol, I'll purchase something else, I've seen £50 cameras with way better night vision, thanks for the informative review 👍

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