Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera Review – Unboxing, Features, Installation, Settings, Video Quality

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Today, we are going to check out the newest WiFi security camera from Arlo. Their Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight camera. We will check out its features, do the unboxing, set it up, do the installation and check out its video and audio quality from the camera but also check out the 2000 – 3000 lumen floodlights that it has. So, this is a battery powered floodlight cam that has the brightness of the wired or plugged in floodlight. At the end, we will see if this Arlo floodlight cam can find its way to your home or property.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera –

This is a Full Review and is a long video but I’ll break down the sections of the video below.

Time Stamps:

Features – 01:15
Unboxing – 03:03
Setup – 05:00
Settings – 07:20
Installation – 10:47
Video & Audio Quality – 12:18
Motion Notification Testing 14:43
Motion Detection Distance Test – 16:17
Audio Quality Test – 17:18
Google Home & Alexa Demo – 17:36
Final Thoughts – 18:26

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Jordan S. says:

Hello Lifehackster!! Awesome review!! Thank you so much!! The camera you are referring to is the the Arlo Pro 2.

A I says:

$250 is crazy expensive for that… You can get a 4 camera POE system for that.

Rockaland2 says:

looks ridicules arlo has its hand in your wallet ,.. Ring spotlight is the mac daddy in this segment

sebskyy says:

close to 100K!!

John Smith says:

Expensive and not worth the cash.

Random Works says:

Looks sweet

Gustavo G says:

I'd like to know your opinion, of all the cameras you've done tests, which you recommend to my house. Although you would surely say that it depends on individual situations, but I would like to know which one would be that covers most of our security needs. Thank You

bee Lover says:

I have Ring all around my house 🏡 3 flood lights and 1 door bell pro wired had them for 3 years now and no problems so far😳

jonnieredder says:

It's Arlo so stay away

RK HG says:

Arlo is very bad quality with a lot of time out errors, and a very bad helpdesk that won't help you, only discussions what you do wrong. Never, ever an Arlo for my house anymore.

Owen Ashcroft says:

I’m glad I’ve moved away from Arlo, their strategy of charging a lot for the cameras and a lot for the subscription is really hard to justify, especially given how little effort they’ve put into the app. The only Arlo we have left running is the baby cam and that is pretty unreliable and likes to disconnect from the WiFi even though it’s less than a meter away from an access point.

Banggood Longse says:

what's your business email

Dan says:

Not a fan of prescription services and think for this product it's too expensive, so is its purchase price at $250. I also think this products plastic shell will not last long out in the Sun, maybe a year before it starts cracking. And that mount uses soft cheap plastic.  

However, I do like that it uses the softer yellow tone light. I've always hated those cool while flood lights, it's so annoying to take a walk in a neighborhood at night and the cool whites are blinding your eyes.

I'm really hoping Wyze comes out with a flood light camera and shakes the industry with a more affordable price point, like they've done with their other products.

Rod Robinson says:

Thanks Lifehackster. Enjoyed watching another great video. I think I will pass on this one. I have Ring Floodlight Cam, n I losing hope in that one. I’ve had too many issues with it. I believe Ring should definitely add the zoom to their Camera. Having the ability to zoom is very important for me. Thanks again!!! Look forward to another one.

Andy Bibby says:

You reviewed the Arlo Pro 2. However my answer is as quick as the Arlo Pro 3 fc notification speed!

Felix Laboy says:

Amazing review as always buddy their pricing is getting crazy question I just want to doublecheck so this camera will not work with the auto pro to bass station can anyone answer this

Jonathan T says:

Ring spotlight cam

Bernie Sinfuego says:

You have the best reviews. Could you review security devices that can be placed on a wall fence for people with big properties or a perimeter alarm setup like a wireless infrared alarm.

Pat Martimucci says:

I would never buy an Arlo Product ever again. Real piece of garbage

Damian S says:

@lifehackster Arlo latency or slow notifications is caused by their AI cloud service subscription – when I use another app like homecam it’s much faster….would be good to see how the stock Arlo app performs without a subscription or AI processing…

franklin tejeda says:

very nice camera!!!

Jello Jello says:

$250 is outrageous. they can keep it & I'm an Arlo user not worth it.

MrTolcher says:

I got a little excited when you showed it could connect directly to wifi, I was hoping it would speed things are.. sadly that wasn't the case.. slow live view and latency are the biggest pitfalls of the Arlo system, they would be great if they fixed their software / firmware.. but as they are now, they're complete gimmick of a product while they are plagued with this issue.

adilet info says:

I’m owner of Pro and Pro2, but this seems like usual 1080p. Also light sensitivity low and as usual 15fps? It will be great if you can show to the people how cameras/picture could react on light changes. Usually when you make test in the house you turn on all lights but is not ordinary manner of light usage in real life. Commonly room light enough to for color record but not enough for good picture due to cameras light sensitivity. I really appreciate your honesty in review. One more great review.

Rocco Calabrese says:

Will the lag time shorten by using the plug in cable?

J EX HUi says:

I dump my Arlo since they keep trying to get basic service as subscriber benefits.

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