Arlo Pro 2 Review – Wireless Camera – Unboxing, Setup, Settings, Installation, Footage

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I bit the bullet and purchased the Arlo Pro 2. I got the 2 camera kit which comes with a base station. I paid $455 dollars for it which boils down to $227.50 dollars per camera. This is not cheap and I have high expectations for these cameras and I expect them to deliver.

Watch the video to learn another reason why we need security camera 😉

Arlo Pro 2 Camera System –

Let’s get to the features:
First off, this camera needs a base station which will be inside the house near your router and it needs to be connected to your router using the included ethernet cable.

For the cameras, they are 1080p HD
It has 130 degree FOV
Night Vision with 850 NM LEDS that can reach up to 25 feet
It has an 8 x digital zoom
2 way audio
It can only connect to a 2.4 GHz WiFi and the base station to the cameras needs to be within 300 feet line of sight.
The motion detection if it is in battery power uses PIR motion technology but when it is plugged in it uses video based doftware and has a 3 second preview meaning it will record 3 seconds before motion has been detected
As to alerts – you can get push notifications on your phone and/or email.
The cameras are weather resistant with a IP65 rating and has an operating temperature of -4 degrees to 113 degrees fahrenheit
Also, it works with Amazon Alexa, Smart things and IFTTT.

As to recordings, it defaults to recording to the cloud and has a free basic subscription which stores your motion detected footage for 7 days.
It has other paid subscription plans …the premier which stores footage for 30 days for 100 bucks annually and an elite plan that can store your footage for 60 days for 150 dollars per year.

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Jose J-H says:

Users who one this model, what are the prons and cons? Costco has a 3 set for $179 and considering buying. How long battery charge lasts? I have Riolink pro but not 100% happy with them. Lifehacker would you recommend this ?
Also can they be charge with any solar charger ? Like the riolink solar charger .?

inocente molina says:

I think they're kind of expensive cameras and also dangerous someone could steal those cameras if you just paid the magnetic don't you think??

Sciences says:

Night vision is awful and I have to charge battery every two montes.

James4wd says:

I'm confused, best buy is showing a 4 camera pro 2 system for $399.99

Jerlemi2 says:

There are many great cameras out there that have all features for half the price and even less. Seems like such a ripoff to pay that much for these cameras. I’ll pass.

Monkey Haters says:

I had 2 of these cameras. had to send them back Waiting days At a time for customer service to contact me back !!! Was no help on trying to help me figure out how to set them up? Apparently ,I have to hire an interpreter….? Took 2 months Before they sent me the information to send them back ,Buyer beware!!!!!

jcelia09 says:

Thanks for your review. The ending made me laugh🤣

rbdenham says:

I have a question, but first of all thanks for you video. I saw this video and the one when compared to Eufy. Neither video has pointed out the audio issues. I bought the Arlo pro 2 and when speaking to the cameras from may Samsung S10 phone, its like a whisper. I called Arlo and we spent more than an hour trying to get it louder. Appears there are alot of Samsung phone owners in the forums complaining about this. Turns out, when I used the web app, the sound is pretty decent, just not from the Samsung phone S10 or my son's S9. Have you heard about his issue? I notice in your videos, the Arlo's audio is extremely low compared to the Eufy Cam E. Please let me know your advice. Thinking about taking mine back. For almost 500 bucks for these cameras, it should be clear and louder. Well done video 🙂

Heather s says:

Also do the lights on the camera light up so ppl know it's a working camera?

Heather s says:

Do these wireless cameras have to be charged often?

HOWLS says:

Don't buy an Arlo!!! The new app they released is a hot steaming pile of garbage!!!! I get about 25 notifications a day while I'm at work but when i go into the app to watch the video its not there! I will only get maybe about 4 videos out of 25. 70% the time when i try to watch the cameras live it doesn't connect and just times out. The talk back feature is useless, its barely audible!!! Prior to the new app Arlo forced on everyone the system worked great! Now its nothing but a paperweight. DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE PRODUCT!!!

D New says:

Thank you for the professional comprehensive review.

FastLikePuma says:

Great video!

J.R. M says:

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Arlo wireless cameras are a lemon product. My grandmother bought them for her home in March of this year. I helped her set them up & created her account. By July the cameras started going offline one by one. Til eventually all of them went offline. I've tried everything suggested on the Arlo community board; reinserting the batteries, buying new batteries, resetting the cameras, restarting the base, unplugging the base, checking my internet provider etc. All this does is buy you hours or few days until it goes offline again. The brand is just cheap. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

FreightDawg says:

Picture quality is Excellent

Known BLade says:

Arlo q is better

90s Limit 1 says:

How long is the power cord to the camera?

Endoe Kronic says:

How long's the battery last? I skipped forward cause I hate when people talk nonsense.

Mr Random says:

Can I connect the wireless arlo to a monitor and view the cameras on there?

Arnold Villatoro says:

When you receive a notification for motion can you go and instantly see even if the clip is not done recording? Also if there is motion and it stops recording how long does it take for motion to re-trigger the camera? I have some Blink cameras that I am about to send back due to issues I am having pertaining to questions I just asked about. I cannot go see live view if clip is currently being recorded and the minimum amount of time between clips is 10 seconds which seems like it takes longer sometimes.

A M P says:

Is this only good with iPhone or is an android ok?

carlo santos says:

How far does the motion detection reach with the battery or plugged in?

Susan Borg says:

I'm stuck, I up loaded the Arlo app to my mobil, turned in 1 Arlo camera to Base I don't have a router I just have a small WiFi for my computer, can I connect the Base Station to my computer & use as a router ?? my mobil that's has my Arlo app wont tune in???

Sharon Brennan says:

Anyone know why I'm getting this orange triangle ONLY on the camera shown?

Erin Thor says:

Love it, but it will not work without a HIGH speed internet connection, no local storage, makes it useless.

Adeline G says:

Hello @LifeHackster and Thank you very much for your reviewing videos of security cameras. It is always very detailed and helpful. I live in France and we don't have so much choice when it comes to buying security cameras. I'm thinking about buying and setting up a security system at my House, both inside and outside and I don't know what to get. I was thinking of getting some arlo ultra cameras because they seem to have a very good night vision and set in alarm, but because they are SO expensive, I was wondering whether to buy some arlo pro 2 and some arlo ultra so that it is cheaper. Does it work good together ? Will I be able to see the cameras in the app at the same time ? I'd like to have cloud storage as well because I don't feel safe keeping the video recording only local. Do you if this is possible for both arlo pro 2 and arlo ultra ? Also, I've been really interested by the Eufy cam E review. You spoke about the possibility to subscribe to cloud storage but I can't find how to do it and how much it costs anywhere on the web. I've dowloaded the app but since I don't own any eufy camera, I don't have any subscription options regarding cloud storage. I know it won't be the same price in Europe or even if it is already available, but could you tell me how much it is in the usa or where I could find the information I need ? Thanks again for your reviews. I hope you can help me and recommend me for what system I should go to.

Arturo Guerrero says:

I got a couple of quistions this camera can i record with no contract or monthly fees? Also the battery when do you replace them if so where do you purchase them thank you.

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