Are the Redmi K20 Pro's cameras better than OnePlus 7/OnePlus 7 Pro? | Camera Comparison

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The most awaited camera comparison this year is here! Let’s compare the #RedmiK20Pro, #OnePlus7, and the #OnePlus7Pro. Which phone do you think will come out on top?

K20 Pro GCam link:

Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh

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Tom India says:

Pimple on forehead

Sabath Narzary says:

Plz make a dedicated camera comparision on redmi k20 pro GCAM vs stock camera😇

Marz Tenacity says:

Watching on my Almond OnePlus 7 pro while laughing lol

JITHU G says:

Then why not with ASUS 6Z ? lots of fund ah

dinesh15778 says:

Watching from my K20 Pro 😍

Ian says:

Oneplus 7 Pro still my favorite phone than the K20 pro

munesh singh says:

paid h yaar camera khibbhi nhi tikta 7 pro se

Ramprasad Tandle says:

Hey Ershad, thanks for the comparison… appreciate it so much, you are so passionate about providing all the info, in your own unique style….keep going….

Siddhant Singh says:

Awesome work

Wonder Nik says:

Hear is the proof of…… K20 pro…… 😘😘😘😍😍

Ayushman says:

Compare the same with gcam on all 3

Nikhil Sharma says:

Please upload gcam vs stock camera comparision of redmi k20 pro

Girish Kumar says:

Awesome review bro

Thomaskutty PS says:

Kindly do the comparison of cameras after 3 months of usage. Most of good performing cameras will fell down that time.
As far as I know Oneplus, Samsung, iPhone and Pixel have good performance in long term

Anil Birnur says:

Please oppo 10x zoom any releases video

Aniket Singh says:

You guys seriously need to take money from pepperyfry

D3MI G0D says:

K20 pro gcam test plz plz plz .

Manish Karmacharya says:

this k20 pro is just a hype madeup phone.the camera reals sucks in compare to oneplus 7 and oneplus 7 pro.only this the oneplus lacking is triple lens setup.overall oneplus 7 is much better phone than k20 pro..u r just a paid reviewer nothing else

Naveen Pisharody says:

Kitna diya bhai Redmi walon ne??? Itna chutiya mat banao sabko…. Oneplus 7 is way better than K20 pro… I am not even comparing Oneplus 7 Pro here…..

Dev N says:

We need a K20Pro GCam vs OP7Pro GCam

TeCh Motive says:

Buy the way Who is M.r phone

Binu Krishnan says:

Mr. Phone, we are tired of watching your parking lot & bedroom again and again. Please do click the photos in some other locations.. it's quite boring u know !

PsychoDoes Music says:

hey , bro , im really confused , can u clear my doubts ? does it have good battery life ? does it have good audio quality while listening to music and while calling ? does it any ghost touch issue ? does it turn off suddenly when using ? is the pop up camera really that slow ? does the indisplay fingerprint scanner have a detection error from time to time ? and is it worth 30 k ?

Sachin Chandran says:

1+7 Pro Primary camera is not 45 mp it is 48 mp

Yogesh Nikam says:

Excellent comparison. I wish you could include Galaxy S10+ as well in future comparisons. So that we can guess how much better Camera IQ you will get by spending way more for S10+

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