Are point and shoot cameras still worth it? – Point and shoot vs Smartphone vs DSLR

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Canon G7X iii –
Canon M50 –
Sigma 16mm F/1.4 for Canon EF-M Mount –

Are point and shoot cameras still relevant in 2020? Do they provide any benefits over smartphones, or should you just get a more proper camera? Find out more in this video.

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Mith Smithy says:

Fantastic, well put together videos, will definitely be keeping an eye on your content! Thank you!

about photography says:

Thank you for the video, I just picked up GR III 😀

Cartooon THAT says:

yes its indeed a horrific time. Moving on.

i was debating myself, should i get an iphone 11pro. or should i get an actual camera. like a sony rx100 m6 or m7. i know the m7 is a similar price with the 11pro. it kinda makes more sense if i got the phone. for you can do more on it. where as the m6 use to be a similar price with the 11pro. now its like half quarter of the 11pro 's price.

But overall. i am most likely to get the actual camera. because iphone 11pro is limited with optical zoom. it rely's on digital zoom, which will lose its quality. where as the actual camera can go further and not lose its quality. Another thing that bugs me is. the battery life of the 2. actual camera is most likely to drain quicker than the iphone. but eventually within time iphone battery will too drain quicker. but for the actually camera. But All i have to do is buy a higher compacity battery for the camera.

i do want you to do a video test some day. iphone 60fps, camera 60fps. would love to see a review on that. its battery life. its quality. its zoom. etc. maybe when you have time.
i havent bought any camera or phone yet. prob wait till the whole mess to end first.

Chilicious Food says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing!
Yes you too take care & stay healthy! 👍👍👍

Adam says:

you cant bracket with the M50?

Lyrarakis Lambros says:

Hello Hyun , I have a question . I recently bought the EOS R and the only lens i have is the 50 mm 1.8 f STM . The noise that comes from the lens while trying to focus on a video is very annoying . Is there anything i can do (except buying an USM lens ) ?

The Hungry Black Panda says:

I always say purchase the cam which works best for you personally…smart phone cameras for which out of convenience…dslr would people who really take it to a advance level filming.. you stay healthy out there ralph!

Maria and Nabol says:

We need to watch content that is not all Covid related for sure. Oh man, this video is exactly what we needed. We currently shoot with both our G7X and iPhone, but we also do notice the quality is often still better with the G7X after editing. Our main thing is that we want a compact camera, it has to work in low light, track our faces and have somewhat decent image stabilization. The G7X is not quite cutting it anymore for video quality so we're researching our next camera… but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it either. ( no more than $800-$1K ideally) Really useful video. Thank you for putting this together.

normie x says:

If i die, i don`t want my last picture to be taken with a damn phone. Compact cameras 4 life!

Andreas An says:

Really interesting video. It is very interesting how big the difference between those is.
In my experience, most of my smartphone photos (Samsung Galaxy S10) which is not that far away of the Iphone, are rejected at Adobe Stock while my DSLM Photos have a 70% acceptance rate. (Even with the Kit-Lens, most of the pictures are accepted with my sony A6000 from 2014).
Thanks for the vid!

Larry Orr says:

I have a Samsung smartphone but I don't use it all that much for photography. For one thing, it has the ergonomics of a bar of soap. Although I have a Panasonic GH5 and a Nidon D300, I find myself taking most of my pictures using my old Canon G12 with which I have taken thousands of pictures. I especially like its articulating screen which allows me to take discreet pictures without attracting attention. I recently acquired a Fujifilm X100T which I am using more and more.

Sebastian Erben says:

I have an iPhone 11 Pro and a M50 with the kit lens and the nifty fifty. The M50 is so great when you know you'll be shooting an event (weddings, birthday parties) or a lot of staged photos but you won't take it with you all the time. The iPhone is great for "Oh cool, let me just make a photo of that" moments. But since I want to get into street photography more and in general want something that combines much of the control-power (if that makes sense) of the M50 with the quick access and availability of the iPhone I ordered a GR III. For the past 6-8 months I tried to get more out of the iPhone with apps like the Moment app but while they indeed allow you to take more control, you also lose a lot of the quick access nature of smartphones. I'm curious how the GR III will work out for me, if it'll become a camera that I have always with me and I use on a daily basis or if it will become just a camera on my shelf waiting to be sold. Of course, with the current situation, there will be not much going out and shooting photos ^^"

Harry Gilliland says:

You say point and shoot cameras a point and shoot camera does not have any controls and to my knowledge no manufactures make them because of the smart phones they are premium compacts with all the controls of a Dslr or mirror less cameras.

timzanation says:

I have two small Fuji F500 point and shoot cameras that I use for construction site visits. And 4 batteries and 2 chargers. I prefer using them over my camera because of the zoom in and zoom out lever, the real shutter button, the great flash, the really really easy way to turn the flash on and off on the go, the ease of taking out the SD card and popping in a SD card reader I have stuck in my computer, and most of all I don't have to worry about reducing the charge on my phone. When I run. I take a Canon G15 with me. Because I can set it to give me 3 HDR exposures in RAW format. Which gives me the nice skies I like in the evening and morning. And again it doesn't use my phone battery juice. I may be the last person in the world using the older smaller sensor point-and-shoots. But I really like them.

TheCanadianBubba says:

My smartphone captures 80% of what I like to shoot just fine, just have to learn to live with the things it cannot do well. Great mindset you put out at the start Hyun ! Good health and abundance to you and yours !

Luis Curran says:

Depends on how you shoot. P&S (e.g., Ricoh GR III) great for street; compact for travel (any of the Fujifilm cameras) iPhone for 'quick' shots. Or a humongous DSLR for landscapes, etc.

feed meimei says:

Love this! I have all three that you're comparing lol!
Except I have the iPhone X and G7X ii butttt still hahaha
Actually really interesting to see the comparison of the same picture taken with all three cameras! Great video as always 🙂

gabithemagyar says:

For me the overriding reason to use a dedicated camera is the ergonomics. Much easier to adjust settings, hold the camera still, and keep charged (via battery swapping) than a phone. Also better with moving subjects.

Colm Malone says:

I always love your videos thanks

El Diablo says:

Your “revised” photos have nothing to do with the iPhone’s exposure.

P MET says:

Please, you don't need to start your video talking about the damn novel coronavirus!! It is on the news 24/7 and we are overwhelmed with information and advice. We don't need to be reminded about it and given advice by random people making youtube videos about cameras. I came to this video to think about something else, and instead was immediately reminded about it.

BFS says:

P&S originates as a focus free (zone focusing) with programmed (preset) exposure camera for the general public for snapshots and easily taken over by smartphones. For many photographers, It is liked mobile music listening using their smartphones (replaced the Walkman) with bundled earbuds, instead of a dedicated Portable Music Player (PMP) and better In-Ear Monitor (IEM). IMO, many of today's better P&S (the 'low end' cameras for photographers) are really compacts, packed with advanced AF & AE technologies, with the trade-off of sensor size for convenience.

RenRenGoAway TV says:

If i have a chance to have a camera like that well i will definitely understand what your talking about is ☺️ But it seems you are talking about the quality of the gadgets 😅

RenRenGoAway TV says:

Hi hyungg wow 😮 you have a lots of followers right now!! Congratulations 😊 Be safe hyung ☺️

The Mamuchos says:

We had this convo recently (Lieles and I) about the noise that the M50 gives us and with the clouds, I don't like how it looks like it has been either overexposed or like if it had the highlights in steroids … Does it make sense?

The Mamuchos says:

I think we all need some distraction, so talking about cameras is the perfect potion for us

Art Altman says:

This is a fantastic video. Best comparison by far of these different types of cameras that I have ever seen, and sorely needed.

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