Are More Megapixels Better?

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More isn’t always better, and I thought I would explain why having more megapixels can sometimes actually reduce the quality of the image from your camera. It has to do with the way the sensor captures light.
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iPhone still 12mega pixel and still can compete with 40mega pixel other competitors


You sound more confused than myself..don't try teaching.

TCH FL says:

Hope you are still there. I have 2 Samsung digital hand held cameras. One (WB250F) takes pictures at 14.2 Megapixels the other (ST66) takes pictures at 16.1 Megapixels. What one will (On Average) take a higher quality picture?

Otito Amuga says:

What do you mean by "Are More Megapixels Better?" Are you stupid or what?, the answer is in the title. More pixels equals better focus

Reign Gaming says:

I want to count how many pixel you say but i'm tired hehehe

Iván GG says:

¿Por qué tengo la sensación de que este tío me hablará en Español en algún punto? cómo con tono de Granada XD

꧁Lukeson Gaming꧂ says:

Still using a 10MP DSLR Canon Camera from 2008, still going strong

tom taylor says:


Why the heck
R 's'Martfone camera
SSO bad sstil

Novak Photography says:


wienerdogman paul says:

Thank you for this!!!! I subbed

DragonofStorm says:

Why not just use bigger sensor on phone then? There s plenty of space on the back side?

Philip Fletcher says:

Good explanation. Just look at what the professionals use….most are around 20 – 24 megapixles (eg Nikon D5 / Nikon D500 etc). Quality beats quantity every time 🙂

DA42PIC says:

He's full of shit.

Bowl Fox says:

İ have 16 back 8 front

Jason says:

I use a potato

frick seerose says:

If i understand this correctly, there is a trade off between mp and the size of the pixes, with bigger pixel making better images because its more light sensitive?

hasan haider says:

My 24 MP is not good in my A6 plus.?

Roshan Paul says:

I didn't know Jesse Eisenberg had a YouTube channel.

Shemene Kok says:

so informative, thanks dude, now i know.

Stephen Greico says:

My D700 is only 12mp and I can’t deny that the images from it are gorgeous and even better with proper glass attached…I have a D800E has 36.3 and if there’s a little bit of camera shake it will definitely show because there’s so much resolution. Do there are drawbacks for higher resolution. Not saying they’re bad but 24 seems to be the sweet spot
12-16 perfectly totally fine

Jare Gorgod says:

Its been so many years I was thought that having bigger mp is good than small mps. Now after watching this videos of you makes me fully understand how it differs on some point. Ty

CJ Loh says:

Nice video. But doesn't have more in depth details on megapixel. Quite general.

Partners Financial says:

is the sony 1/2.5-type exmor r cmos sensor good in low light. Can't find a straight answer on the internet anywhere. All I could find is that it is small. 🙂

zeki rami says:

Very good vedio that what i always want to know

Gediminas says:

A7s is example what is good quality camera which has only 12Mp what is totally enough and with full frame sensor it can see even galaxy.

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