Are Digital Cameras Still Worth Buying?

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With smartphone cameras improving, standalone digital camera sales have plummeted. But are people who only use their phone cameras missing out?

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guru gara says:

cameras are like cars
dslr is like the manual transmission
and phones are the automatics with manual modes

dslr have a real manual settings and real mechanical thing that your desired photos is accurate
while the phones have this software thats makes you thinks it has the same manual settings like in dslr but its not

Gamer Buddy says:

Linus what about now
I mean iFone 11 pro max sx se xr xxxxxxx123?

Joshua Daniels says:

The biggest thing is that I'm not a photographer. I don't know how to use the settings on a real camera to fine tune what I want. My Pixel 3 XL takes great pictures and I have zero complaints.

Porg Brick Film says:

+ No matter what DSLR Cameras you get they have settings ISO, Aperture, and Shutter speed, and other settings like continues shooting etc. Phone cameras do not have them. So you can't really experiment with photos on a Phone camera, or do much in my epinine.

Super Saiyan 3 says:

Can someone please recommend a good dslr camera that will out do the iphone 11 pro but is also reasonably priced. I want to take better quality more detailed photos of myself for instagram

mrak408 says:

My canon m50 blows Iphone 11 out of the water

siloPIRATE says:

It's basically emulation vs playing on the native hardware 😱

obolohito jibon says:

after using google camera software on my pocophone now digital cameras feels like useless

mrak408 says:

Try changing Bokeh and Zoom on a phone

Samuel Vargas says:

Lol this video trigger alot of the "instagram photographers " that takes pics of flowers and sunset 😂

Ysamo Theil says:

"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best compact camera hope it helps you out too!"

Leon RW says:

No. People who buy DSLRs nowadays only use it for their selfies and so it's just a waste of the DSLR's full capability.
I feel bad for the DSLRs out there who are just decorations on the shelves of instagramers

Gnosis7 says:

I agree that SLR cameras still have their place but they're primarily used by the professionals at sports events or movie sets. For the average person, the convenience of having the camera built into their phone and carried comfortable in their pocket, outweighs the quality benefits of a SLR. Having to carry a bulky camera and lenses when traveling is a real pain in the butt. I used to do it but gave up on it years ago. If I'm planning a safari or some really exotic vacation I'll make an exception.

Jeep Joseph says:

I'm becoming a professional photographer (need a buisness liscense) but trust me
A cellphone cannot win even an lgv40 compared to a canon eos 40d. Plus you dont have near as many settings
3:37 you want manual servo focus or subject tracking focus

Deyvson Moutinho Caliman says:

If you like landscape mainly and travel pictures, and want them on social media, no. But if you want the nice look of a portrait lens, you need a camera body to attach it. Yeah, cellphones are learning how to create background blur, and it's very good in many occasions, even perfect I would say, like a 24mm 2.8 lens. But that very thin DOF portraiture with that natural lens blur, not quite there.

Liam Berger says:

He says "an advanced camera" while showing a pic of a Nikon D200.

Ex-Born Again says:

When Linus says the phrase:"Speaking off", you know it is time to move…

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