Apple iPhone 6s vs DSLR camera: video comparison (4K vs 1080p)

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Which one records better video: the new Apple iPhone 6s or a DSLR?

We compare the new 4K video recording on the new iPhone against the Canon Rebel T4i’s 1080p video to see the difference. Videos are published with no color grading and the only editing we’ve done is to stitch them together.

We’ve chosen the Rebel T4i for a couple of reasons: it’s a popular entry-level camera and a good representative of the beginner DSLR class. It’s what many people have bought to capture better looking photos and videos. So despite the difference in resolutions, we were curious to see what is the real-world difference in video recording between the Canon DSLR and the Apple iPhone 6s. Our setup on the DSLR included a Tamron 17-50 F2.8 VC lens.

We have also used the automatic recording modes on both devices to see how well they are able to automatically adjust to the scene.


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SS Official says:

O no kam pare man

LEANNAH 's Channel PH says:

1:16 2017 but on the discription box is 2015 whaattt r u time traveler?

Attila Nagy says:

So a DSLR camera can't be compared to an iPhone, a 24 megapixel DSLR camera is much better!

Attila Nagy says:

You shouldn't buy a 16 GB iPhone, but even the 32GB is small, the best is 64 and 128 GB!

L.I.V. Sisters says:

This video helped me realize why I need to go back to shooting with my Cannon vs my iPhone

L.I.V. Sisters says:

Beyond helpful. Thanks so much

Chevy Den says:

Regardless if the DSLR can be adjusted to be the superior camera, people today want convenience, quick and easy. In that regard, this explains the demise of the DSLR market and the boom of the iPhone…

Tj Nickles says:

iPhone 6 is not 4K

Devesh Machhi says:

Dslr Special Made By Only Photography and video Shoot And Iphone Is iphone

salma katoon says:

Apple iphone 6s 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Uttarakhand - Amazing & Awesome says:

iphone wins

James Crain says:

The 6s took the W

ishu sharma says:

but the best phone which I like is mi a1

Flyyr Population says:

why the hell would you not record simultaneously

lion Roar says:

Iphone is good because you can edit movies on it, you can do so much in post production without tranferring the files on a pc.

Rick Danuser says:

IPhone 6s by a large margin

Sahil Khan says:

obvious iphone is no tool for filmmaker but a dslr is see dslr footage is quite raw in comparison to the iphone ,iphone has preloaded filters and dslr footage is way is to colour grade (artistic choice )

Mike Kojoori says:

I noticed the greater dynamic range in the DSLR. I noticed that the Iphone was doing some real time tweaking to the highlights and shadows, essentially a type of HDR. The white balance seemed to be off on the iphone. It's hard to say what that could be attributed to. Those were challenging lighting conditions. I think the Iphone is a capable camera, but I don't think it fares well under extreme conditions. Perhaps technological progress will alleviate that. It's hard to say if we've hit a hard ceiling with signal to noise ratios and computational processing is supplementing that deficiency. I simply do not have enough knowledge for that.

Peter P says:

No low light comparison, no depth of field comparison. Disliked.

Shamira Qureshi says:

The iphone is better for cinimatic shots

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