Appbot Link – Unbox, Installation and Demo – Robot Security Surveillance Camera

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The Appbot Link is a robot security camera which you can control anywhere where you have an internet connection with your iPhone or Android phone. Once you’ve installed it, you can log into it remotely and see your home. You can remote control your robot and see what’s going on at home or in the office. The robot has a front facing camera which you can tilt up and down and the robot has full mobile functionality.

The robot also has a torch which you can turn on so that you can see in the dark. You can also record video or take pictures.

If the camera falls over, there is a button which you can press so that it will correct itself and get back on it’s feet.

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michael dev says:

Does it re charged it self when the battery is low

Kwap Games says:

Nederland 🇳🇱

paul Wills says:

Purchased one of these in the US. It is very well made and extremely easy to set up. No port forwarding it sets everything up for you. Last week I was in Rio De Janeiro and was able to demonstrate it to my colleagues. Some have mentioned that the plastic looks cheap but I find the opposite in fact it feels very substantial with a high gloss finish. Night Vision is adequate but the quality really is excellent during daylight. Pictures and video are very clear. It takes a while to get used to controlling it because it will not go in a forward turn direction… it does one command at a time. If I line the Riley up with the docking station it will dock automatically up to 10ft away. As for battery power its around 90mins continuous use which for me is more than adequate. Very impressed. !

Christopher Cox says:

It looks cheap. Like it was made with cheap flimsy plastic much like you would get from a cheap Chinese knock-off. Is this correct?

Slothy Woffy says:

Also what's the difference between this and the appbot Riley? Which one is better?

Slothy Woffy says:

Is the battery meter on the app accurate?

Aferentes Eferentes says:

in brazil we use a lot of coconut with wheel and work better lol

Ulf Holmström says:

Lol. Getting one!

Gino Park says:

thank you for replying… but how many minuites you can use the appbot before going to the dock again?

Gino Park says:

please make a video about you in a hotel and controlling the link

Gino Park says:

does that work even if you go out?

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