Any Good? Canon S95 Point and Shoot Camera Review!

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Goodwill is a place that sells old stuff. The case in the Goodwill was holding a Canon S95 for $15. Curiosity is a dish best served cold. I bit. Now I’ve been bitten. The Canon S95 is a camera from 2010 that behaves as such. Poor low light performance, bad focus stuff, just bad stuff in general. Pass.

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Andrew c says:

Welp, guess who accidentally bought this camera on eBay! Gotta protect that buyer rating.

One big difference is the sensor technology is actually the older CCD vs modern cameras CMOS. At the time people preferred the old sensor because of the “look” it produced. The replacement s100 switched to CMOS.

This isn’t just a “point and shoot” but a high end premium version since you can go full manual on this camera.

L Y says:

I love this camera S95 for the past 8 years, still use it now, I have no low light problem, and I took a very shop of pictures.
I am very surprised by this video, it looks so bad, unlike my beloved $95

normie x says:

"Another disadvantage to a modern smartphone is the zoom range, the S95 only has 3x optical zoom, whereas a smartphone has infinite zoom as long as you walk further". Yeah right, good " review". More like pretend review.

train.tram.bus says:

I enjoyed your video but looking at my old s95 images they look far better than my iPhone. Hey this is not a criticism of what you found but just my experience. This is a fine channel and I’m tempted in buying a new S95 on eBay as I gave my camera to my daughter and since lost, now laying alone and unused somewhere in the universe. Not my daughter but the camera.

Talha Shah says:

I have S95; it's sitting in one of my dead gadget closets. I bought it in 2011 I think. Dynamic range is shit, but optical zoom is great. I loved it.

tom rose says:

Of course if you actually know how to use a camera then the S95 smokes most smartphones:

tom rose says:

I can only guess that you have shares in Apple and Samsung or that Canon has annoyed you at some time.

Viren Rabago says:

the only thing i hate about it is the video Recording since it cant auto focus and only shoots 720p

Viren Rabago says:

I have this exact Camera and I take good shots why does your shots looks so Grainy and washed out. ;(

Markos says:

Actually its in many ways better than a smartphone

Austin Beeman says:

I actually love this camera. I think it is one of the most fun camera I ever owned.

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