Andoer 4K 1080P 48MP WiFi Digital Video Camera Unboxing / Review

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Chris Evans unboxes, tests, and gives his thoughts on the Andoer 4K 1080P 48MP WiFi Digital Video Camera. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED PRODUCT REVIEW. This is what I bought and currently use for my YouTube channel. I hope this video helped in your search for buying a video camera.

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Julius Francis says:

This is one of the honest reviews on YouTube. Thumbs up

mukesh tech தமிழ் says:

Can i coonect a mobile in this camera

The Lords Table Prophets Corner says:

Wow, I mean no disrespect to the man making this video at all, first off he didn’t really tell us at the end of the video rather or not he believed this was a real 4k camera, I'm sure he know that, second if you make a video about a 4k quality camera trying to reveal the true resolution, after your all done editing the video make sure you render it in 4k resolution, then load the video to YouTube, instead of loading the video about 4k in 720HD, Now since this video was rendered in 720HD, I can at least tell if the quality was in HD as to which the phone was but not the camera, to me it didn’t even look like 1080P, I’ve got 1080P vids on my channel and you can really see the difference.

After editing; the moment you render a video that is 1080p or 4k and you render it in 720p then you load it to YouTube, the resolution will then change to 720p, make sure after your done editing your video that you check the settings in your video editing software that you change the rendering setting to 1080p or 4k, then it will stay in the quality you filmed it in. now if you do it in 4k the video is going to take at least 100GB or more on your PC.

China sales a lot of knock-offs, as to which you still can get great deals from China but do the research first. God Bless you, sir,

Jason's Out There says:

Nothing to do with the camera but that's MY kind of wrestling. Brings back memories when we would attend at small auditoriums and Armories. Great stuff man. Great video.

Pitt Boxx says:

Any word on where you can get additional batteries for the camera?

hot2warm says:

Thanks for the review. I was looking to upgrade the quality of my videos too, but on a very limited budget. Still on the fence about it. By the way, the music is too loud and distracting.

Paul WILLHITE says:

thanks for posting, this camera is absolute crap!

Ben Schorr says:

Your phone and mic setup is way [email protected]

50Something says:

Thanks, I thought this would better so I'll stick with my Nikon.

Mike Fagan says:

Wow.. what a piece of crap!! Thanks for saving me the money!

Nick Mancini says:

Have you tried the night vision on this yet? My buddy and I run a youtube hunting channel and this could be a game changer when we're taking those dusk/dawn shots, Awesome, honest review.

De Todo un poco The truth set us free says:

I record and take picture with this camera and my galaxy s8 plus, i can say galaxy wins on more crear video and picture, im not saying my galaxy s8 plus is 4K but is much better

Chi guy says:

Save a couple more hundred and buy a lumix

Wanjiku Njoroge says:

I had thought about buying the camera and I was just left with dishing out my money to buy it I need better camera thanks anyways

rodrigomacias says:

I suggest you to stick with your phone

Your Life Is A Great Story says:

This camera would be good to give to a kid interested in getting into basic cinematography. Although, even at that lower price, I would say it hardly gets the job done. You could/can pick up a used galaxy or iPhone for nearly, if not the same, price (and download an editing app.) Even in the case of shooting this video, the phone was better. Would have loved to see a comparison of the wrestling match. Great video though!

rjr 4949 says:

Fingers on the lens several times…. Did you change the white balance to compensate for the incandescent bulbs?

rachel fortier says:

I baught this and it doesn't even come with a battery charger…

PedtheFox says:

Thanks for making me save my money.

360 GMG says:

not impressed with the camera but the wrestling match was 5 star!!…lol..

Всё из жизни"одного человека" / All of life"one person" says:


Lando J says:

The iphone is better quality and sharper…

Bill Solomon says:

Have you tried using the Blue Yeti mic with this cam?

ready, set, woah says:

Makes no sense. Why would anyone get this camera? Any smartphone camera nowadays is so much better.

Spiracy The GREAT says:

thank you thank you THANK YOU for this review!!!!

I was gonna buy this camera tomorrow, GLAD I found this review!!

guess I'll be looking at DSLRs now…

WhiskyWhistle says:

I just bought this. What attracted me was the price, and also the lens size as compared to my iPhone 7+, with which I currently shoot. I’m not too bothered by the iffy 4K as most people watch YouTube in 1080 or 720. I am hoping for a sharper video than what I get with iPhone. I’ll invest in a good 4K or even 8K camera when the $ is there. Thanks Chris, that set my mind at ease. I hope my mic isn’t dented!

Dyslexic Artist Theory on the Physics of 'Time' says:

Good info, I had a cat like that a long time ago!!!

Tyg3rPro says:

I think with better lighting and adjusting the settings for the video you can get much better quality video out of this thing

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