Analog vs. Digital Cameras

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I meet up with Rik Cordero, a filmmaker with a focus on retro camcorder aesthetics. Rik has directed music videos for artists like Jay-Z, Nas, The Roots, Action Bronson, and Q-Tip. In this segment Rik helps me figure out how close we can get to an analog VHS look, using digital camera equipment.


Louis Campos says:

Does the adapter for the Panasonic camera make it look like the Sony camera?

acid flashback says:

You haven’t seen robocop?

Justin Luckenbach says:

Idg why this guy has a camera with a fixed lens just to slide the big lens adapter over it. It’s cumbersome and expensive. Get a dslr or mirrorless dude.

Redrock Micro says:


SambaSerenade says:

You don't even spend anytime explaining how the two cameras are different functionally. Just talking about the results and the form factors

Kelvin Noriega says:

me hubiese gustado ver este video subtitulado al español

Topu says:

Well, digital camera's now a big deal in this era; even for smartphones, etc 😉

Shawn Douglas says:

Can someone please tell me what shoe the other guy is wearing

Jeremy Edwards says:

Isn't analog film?

Bob Tavares says:

The Roots?  Who the fuck are they?

SmileOverlord says:

Holy crap. this Video was buried.

Steve Wingate says:


DarklingGolem says:

Kinda cheating because the Panasonic can record in HD 1080i…

DarklingGolem says:

The only thing that bugged me is the HVX-200's lens cover is upside down

Aryaman Khatri says:

Please give a review for BEATS SOLO PRO

Sahil Mambilly says:

was it just me or this video just didnt show up on our feed

Kushagra Gupta says:

How does this video have so less views ?! Looks like everyone's binge watching MKBHD retro tech. 🤭😂

Tibor Danilics says:

why you used a DOF adapter???

Damir Secki says:

Rick looks like Greg from RHPC 🙂

DJ Ezasscul says:

I feel like Sony's DSLT's line up will leave an impact just as significant as the JVC


What adapter did he use?

Radio Żelaza says:

there's an app for that, y'know… 1984 Camera 😀

GIDIX says:

The video style is totally different from what MKBHD himself would do. You see YouTube's influence here. It's more like watching something on TV than actual YouTube.

Ramon Solorio says:

Rik Cordero!! you’re a G! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥🖤🖤

stephen petto says:

looks like someone forgot their firewire cable

At Oussama says:

who else prefers the old video recorder?

acid crayon says:

just googled the panasionic camera: found an article from 2006 — 1260 euros – mhh, not expensiv at all. oh wait – thats just for the 8GB of memory…

Badhon Ebrahim says:

Put it on a gimbal man

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