Amkov CD-R2 Digital Camera – Unboxing And Review

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Amkov CD-R2 Very Good Camera For Vlogging Or Prodcasting.
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RahimTech says:

فيديو رائع واصل

muzi ngobe says:

how many hands do you have?

Karen Castro says:

Can this be connected to a microphone?

ILyas MansouriVEVO says:

Is there a background isolation feature in the video or not?

Rahim Sindhi says:

How is this camera good or not

Primpart PH says:

Does this has mic input

Primpart PH says:

Does this has mic input

Hannah Joy says:

What card use?

chanses armstrong says:

Have you taken more video shots with it ? Rhe quality doesnt seem that great


Thanks for this video hoping that you can make a vlog review of video and photos

Chris Hall says:

This is a list of specs. Not a review

Guy TECH says:

It's 1080p (Full HD) at 15fps (unusable), so it is actually 720p at 30 fps

Jocemar Silva says:

Alguem sabe como ressetar esta camera por favor? A minha só fica com a tela "WELCOME". alguem pode me ajudar??

Alex Devether says:

i will buy the camera
to work in my vlog channel
Thkns for review

Abderrahim Vlogs says:

Nice Review
How Much The Camera ?


فيديو ممتاز

Koora4uHD says:

Thnks For The Video

Dz Nasro says:

woow amazing review

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