Amcrest 4K Turret IP Security Camera Review

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p0xus says:

I may end up getting a couple of these. Price looks very reasonable for what it is. Need to deploy more modern cameras and replace a chinese spyware Sricam camera.
EDIT: Props to Zoneminder! I have it running in a docker on my unraid server.

Keith Harvey says:

would these be compatible with Actiontiles?

TaserFace282 says:

Add some motion sensor lights out there.

Andrew English says:

Your video is a bit choppy but I guess that's because you mentioned you were doing 20 FPS. 25~30 FPS will make it less choppy or not at all and you'll have more detail and virtual no ghosting.

Jar Test says:

Consider hiding cameras as well. There is a number of ways "that i will not go into detail with" to "disable" the camera long before they get close enough to be seen. Small security cameras can be hidden and still do a really good job to give you early warning. i would also recommend burglar bars stronger locks and all that but you don't live where i live. Where i live our homes resemble a prison with doors locks security gadgets, early warning and so on. It is reported by Google that we lose 57 people a day due to violent crimes and also consider our population a LOT less. scary stuff.

Mike Drechsler says:

FYI Amcrest does not make their own cameras. It's a re-branded Dahua.
In fact just about every "cheap" brand of cameras you can think of is likely a re-branded camera made by either Hikvision or Dahua.
Specifically this is likely re-branded version of Dahua N84CG52 camera body.

Some brands are more customised versions that may not be a simple re-branded version where they have customised the manufacturing and enclosure more to that brands requested specification. Another example of a popular product is the Wyze cam. It's re-branded Xiaomi Xiaofang camera hardware in that example.

Firmware is the one area where they may or may not make customisation the original version does not have. In the best cases the re-branded version has invested some time to fully customise and upgrade the OEM firmware and if they keep supporting and upgrading that firmware it's a good one. The worst cases they simply translate the original firmware or simply do a search and replace on the original firmware to insert their brands and then never update the firmware again to fix the glaring security holes that almost every camera has.

So in this case the camera being reviewed has firmware dated 4/15/2019 and it is the only release.
The OEM model latest firmware is 08/07/2019 version 2.8.10
older firmwares:
2.8.8 06/19/2019
2.8.5 03/25/2019
2.8.2 01/11/2019
2.622 08/13/2018
Average of 3-4 months between releases.

Firmware is the one reason you may want to get the OEM version since they are generally the ones releasing the most updated version and then it is up to their re-branded resellers to take that version and customise it. Similar to buying a google pixel phone vs some other manufacturer version of Android, you get the most updated version from the original manufacturer and it is up to your brand to release their own version later.

One of the major reasons NOT to buy the Dahua original version is pricing and availability. The manufacturers own brand does not have great distribution channels in North America and that also means availability and pricing can be a problem. Often the same model Amcrest or other rebadged version of their cameras are much cheaper and easier to get because those brands have the distribution and warehousing channels all setup here.

Berlin Mitte Institut says:

So, how many times have you been robbed in the past 20 years?

Pabula says:

You should try NX Witness, its modern, easy to use, can be ran on almost any hardware, you dont need a super high end cpu like blue iris for high mp cameras.

Theo Baker says:

So Jason, serious questions. I'm ripping out my vivint camera system and installing my own. Are Amcrest cameras worth the buy? I'm seriously considering blueiris as well.

Edward Green, Jr says:

I wonder if an automotive ceramic coating would work on the "constantly cleaning dome cameras" issue? I've seen it used on things like headlight lenses to keep them in great condition – would be good video content at least…..

Lawrence Singha says:

i want one for free it's not always fair 🙁

Synergizerer says:

Great camera. Big upgrade over the dome cameras. Cleaning those things every week.

The IPS in my router keeps the annoying login attempts down.

Usg pro-4 sucks for camera segmentation btw. It chokes on the vlan routing when you have 4+ cameras.

Amcrest nvr is basically useless. 4 or more cameras running on it reduces quality. 8 on it and I'm lucky to keep connection.

Ben Lyons says:

Amcrest is what I buy too. Recommended by you. Picking up my first turret soon and I’m using blue iris too!!!!

Colin Black says:

Stopped using amcrest as kept getting illegal login attempts alarms.

Trevor R says:

I definitely prefer the look of the turret cameras plus I’ve found the spiders tend to leave them alone…. my bullet cameras and dome cameras need constant cleaning this time of year.

Andrew Langley says:

just gotta point out the comment at the beginning about it working with blue iris, I would hope it would work with it as amcrest creates blue iris no offense

Uncle Skeet says:

I got 2 of them, they work good

Peter Breadmore says:

Full on laughed at a the night ninja scampering! Stick to the videos, stealthy night approaches are not your strong point! 😁

MChip Micro Chip says:

nice video again jason 🙂 like your videos since i started following your channel! if you will ever have some free time maybe there is an video that you could do about NVR's? … maybe raspbarry or something more powerfull 😀 … loki ? 😀 anyway keep up the good work!

Nick Putting says:

Motion blur is from the frame time not the frame rate. You can normally control both of these settings separately.

Miles Ingram says:

His neighbor sees creepy guy in neighbors yard and calls cops.
Cops show up.
"I'm making a youtube video."

Joshyy says:

isnt amcrest a copy or renamed hikvision camera LOL

revealsins2me says:

Zoneminder is still a good alternative just takes a bit work to get going but its free and powerfull tho.

kc8hnz says:

Dahua OEM camera. Excellent cameras, but you pay a markup for the Amcrest branding.

David Muhs says:

Bought a white one of these (matches my eaves) a few weeks ago to go into my 21-camera Blue Iris setup. Very impressed with its performance.

Richard Rafaj says:

2:22 "See more detail in true wide dynamic range up to 120db" Oh boy, do I love some HDR decibels in my camera.

Baggybreeks says:

Excellent video Jason.hopefully amcrest we’re listening and send u a black version.

Trash Man says:

I was greatly disappointed that there was no attic cabling needed, but I gave you an upvote anyway.

skidogg8888 says:

another great vid jason! ill be picking up a couple of these for my house soon!

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