Amazon $50 Tablet Fire 7 unbox and review + camera and video test

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Amazon $50 Tablet Fire 7 unboxing and short review + camera and video test.

not a bad tablet for $50 bucks – good for kids and a throw around tablet. i wouldn’t daily drive it. has flaws, but for $50 bucks, i’d recommend it over the other cheaper/knock off type tablets in the price range. camera sucks, the back is creeky and the plastic is as thin as can be. the screen is decent, colors don’t pop. compared to the fire hd 6, the hd 6 screen is much nicer.

lags when playing some 3d games.


the0me says:

God, blow your nose! That sound is disgusting

Khamzers says:

This is my tablet… these things SUCK for gaming, unless you used the newer models.

D Stanoev says:

Why don't you blow your nose next time before taking a video

Marco Bell TV says:

Pause 8:19 for a face revael

Bawz says:

I have one and the screen easily cracks

Profowlin meme says:

I got this for a birthday gift for my son . He loved it.>>>  It only took me 5 minutes to set up and he Loves it. It's very easy to use .

Muhammad Tayeb says:

amazon tablet mai play store hota hai

Gacha Girl says:


Ayesha Iqbal says:

its amazon fire(5th gen) not fire 7.
its speakers do not sound as bad as in video

Will C. says:

audio is bad

treelover number 2 says:

i cant wait till I get it I'm getting a case ( blue ) super excited

Caitlyn Cash says:

The lower the brightness of the screen is, the better it performs and dies slower. Don't blame it on the tablet.

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