Akaso EK7000 4K Action Camera Review | Budget GoPro? | Sample Footage | Compared to GoPro

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The Akaso EK7000 is a budget action camera that costs around £50 or $60. It comes with a mountain of accessories including a waterproof housing and a remote, has built in WiFi so can be controlled via an app on your smartphone, and supports resolutions up to a theoretical 4k.

But is it any good, and how does it compare to a GoPro, even one a couple of generations old?

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The Technology Man says:

If you’ve got one of these cameras what do you think of it? Have you found an even better budget action camera? Let me know!
0:00 Intro*

0:24 Getting started*

3:00 Initial setup*

6:16 Remote app*

7:05 Accessories*

8:30 Performance and video quality*

11:11 Side by side sample footage with GoPro

13:23 Conclusions*


chip steele says:

I just got my camera today and am trying out to see how long it will record ona battery . question the camera isn't hot but a bit warm is this normal? other than that it sems to be working rather well

cdwag23 says:

No audio with case? Sounds useless

The Life Of Brian says:

I got one just for a different camera angle for some future videos. I wonder if one remote can start 2 of these at the same time? I would guess at yes.

Florida Mark says:

Is video as steady as the Yi Lite or is it more jumpy like the Cooau?

Helaman Gile says:

I bought one for five bucks with all the accessories on eBay

Nik2 Abayon says:

I wish i buy go pro camera to use for my vlog


Firstly, top marks for speedy replies to questions which is more than can be said for a great many others on YouTube.

I got this for my pal to video her new house being built. The idea was to use the time-lapse function. She had it set on photo and not video.

Had a look in the manual which isn't a lot of help and some videos say the option isn't available but there may have been updates on the model since the videos were made.

It should be possible to set it to film every sixty seconds but I have no access to the camera. Are you able you tell me how you do this or give a link to the steps needed so I can pass it on to my pal?

Thanks in anticipation. TCL

TomBoy Media says:

Thanks for the tutorial and great review!

palawan rexx says:

i will buy this camera to start my fishing channel . i will just going to upgrade if my channel progress

sandro Casagrande says:

Nice the video, pity for the song. Annoying moronic background jingle 💩 you'd get rid of.👏👏👏

Rafa R says:

I have the same action camera and it supports a Samsung 256Gb just fine

rlta04 says:

The Akasa seems like piece a junk

Porthcawl Under 10's Rugby says:

No difference then from any other cheap action cam.

James Birney says:

So Trump was right china steals our intellectual property. Lol

BlueTurtwigs says:

Thanks so much for this video. Do you know if I need to buy a separate tripod for underwater videos? And if I can buy just any or if I need a certain kind of model for the tripod?

T Thomas says:

My sons are harassing me for a gopro. This camera seems like a much more budget friendly option for them to start with. They are 13 and 10 and want to make children's/gaming videos to post on YouTube and the like. I'm heavily leaning towards this cheaper option to get them started in their hobby. It sounds, from your conclusions, that you suggest this camera for them to start with as well!?
I would be very upset if they broke or destroyed the more expensive camera where as with this one, no tears need to be shed. Any more advice or input would be greatly appreciated. This camera has been sitting in my shopping cart for a few months while I decide which option would be best for them to start with.
Thank you for your video, it's been very helpful in my decision making process but like I said, if you have anything further to add please reply asap. Cheers.

OKBushcraft says:

Gopro is not a budget friendly option for me.
I have been using my phone for YT vids and would like another angle or wearable camera.
You make this seem like a very doable option for my out doors vids or maybe some future blacksmithing vids. Thank you.

areyousure youwantodelete says:

Great video,was wondering if I should get get 1 off the wish app,for what I want to use it for it seems ok
Thanks for posting

Iftikhar Hussain Khan says:

I wonder that you are right or other who said Akaso EK7000 4K is better than Budget GoPro. Are you giving favour to GoPeo?

578Beta says:

Does anyone know if you set it to Upside Down does it stay there until you change it again, no matter dead battery or anything?

BBA Edits編集 says:

So which one is better the camera or go pro??

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