AirSelfie2 Flying Camera Review. This thing is TINY!

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The AirSelfie2 flying camera is the next generation of tiny flying cameras. It is a tiny pocket drone designed with only “You” in mind. It is primarily a selfie drone, or better said a flying camera that is designed to take selfies.

ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Airselfie2 is the thinnest, lightest flying camera. At 2.8 ounces, it redefines portability. Includes a leather carrying case so it’s compact and easy to carry
HD CAMERA: AirSelfie2 features a 12 Megapixel HD camera with anti-vibration shock absorbers and a 16 Gigabyte micro SD card to ensure high quality social-media-optimized images
ANODIZED AERONAUTICAL GRADE ALUMINUM: AirSelfie2 is made of ultra-durable anodized aeronautical grade aluminum to protect your flying camera from wear-and-tear while keeping weight to a minimum
APP CONTROLLED: Control your flying camera up to 65 feet in the air from an intuitive app. Available for iOS and Android, the free app is user friendly and requires minimum instruction-study time
EASY CHARGING: Recharge AirSelfie2 quickly and easily through your computer or device. With a built-in 400 mAh 7.4V battery, AirSelfie2 allows for approximately 5 minutes of flight per charge

equipment I use-

Main Camera:
Main Camera Lens:
Overhead Camera:
Overhead Lens:
Broll Macro Lens:
Studio Mic:
Audio Recorder:

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–Sony a7iii
–Canon G7x
–GoPro 8 Black
–Insta360 One X

–90mm Macro
–85mm f1.8
–50mm f1.8
–16-35mm f4.0

–Zoom H6
–Rode NTG2 mic
–Rode Wireless Go

–Studio Pro Lights


Jamarlin Nelson says:

So 1st off I think this video is Dope! Secondly how were you able to patch the drone in with to get the multi cam view between the drone and the actual camera you shot with??

yooperpitbulls says:

I'm sure you hear this a lot but you look like Bradley Cooper

rollvideo says:

Meh! No stabilisation, low res stills.

Augustine Sullivan says:

Veterans Help Crisis card is not a business card it’s a reference card for Veterans in need!!

Simil Thejus says:

It's just a nine and a half minute ad.

Oscar Anderson says:

200.00 ya I still want one.

Lawrence Hawk says:

Beside the drone, what kind of jacket is that?

Mahmudul Hoque says:

nobodyis going to buy this crap. haha

Mahmudul Hoque says:

this thing is useless. battry sucks.

Mahmudul Hoque says:

this man looks like a bad guy. and he looks like he always beats his wife.

Ryan Myers says:

It's 2020 face-tracking is like 10 fucking years old, ain't really that amazing

Ryan Myers says:

Is this Therapy's sister site?? C- for originality

GeniusRehmanCR says:

Can you tell me about its Max. Range and battery timing?Please……….

COCC says:

Has anyone ever told you that you look alot like srt mush from YouTube

DIYfusionHelp says:

are you UNBOX THERAPY's Uncle?

Mikentosh says:

$200? No thanks. Knock off a zero and sure, I’d buy one.

petry henrique says:

bateria morreu em 1 selfie kkkk durou so 5 minutos

Jason A. Rodriguez says:

Just the fact that you are next to a king air in a hangar makes this video Like worthi! Tks brother

reynold Cofino says:

How long in the air to take a selfie or video? Tnx

Farrah Kh says:

do you think it is good to record a workout routine?

RK McDonald says:

This is a pos! Don't waste your money.

insanelook says:

Just throw ur smartphone in the air, cash saved ))

ScienceBitch says:

4:05 the drone has better image quality than whatever you're shooting your YouTube videos with. That first shot in the hangar looks like garbage

Amir Omar says:

I like the presentation. Great. Subbing u now

Ridtz Rashid says:

Looks cool. How long does it take to charge it and how long does it .. last on a single charge? Stay safe ! TQ

Flame_Roasted YT says:

It looks really crappy , at least they should put gps so it’s stable

Tony Digital says:

Are you at the Sugar Land TX airport????

wangwang 阿里巴巴-速卖通 TV says:

Great video I learned a lot from you ❤❤❤

Olde Oak says:


Ribby 1 says:

Undisclosed hanger… well done mate

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