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Welcome back to EricaTV,

I am super excited about showing you all my new camera for youtube which is the canon eos m50. . This is supposedly the best camera for youtube so we shall see. I wanted to take you guys with me to go get my new camera for youtube. I picked this canon eos m50 up from best buy which is currently on sale! This camera does have 4K camera capability and I will be testing that out pretty soon.


Canon EOS m50 from Amazon:

Canon EOS m50 from Best Buy:


itsnicoletiana says:

Recently got the Canon M50 just the body and i got the 10-18mm lens. perfect combo…. love this camera so much!!!!!!

Stephanie Zamudio says:

that’s so cool i’ve always wanted a camera 🎥 !!😍🥺

Nishka Anna-lee says:

It’s on sale on the canon website for $345. I love it.

typicaltyonce says:

Ayeee that's lit, I bought the same camera and I'm very impatiently waiting for mine to arrive in the mail LOL

Johneisha George says:

the lil dance lol

Anonymous says:

Nice Content. I hope you make it Big one day! Let's be youtube partners 😀

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