Active Deterrence Security Camera Review (MOTION DETECTION ON STEROIDS)

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Have you ever wished your security cameras could warn intruders that they’re being watched? Well then you’re in luck. Introducing our Active Deterrence Security Cameras! With visual and auditory warnings built right into these cameras, you’ll never have to worry about your surveillance going unnoticed by intruders again. Even if you’re not interested in deterrence, you’ll love this camera’s smart motion detection. Purchase yours here →


We have two new products in our H-Series Active Deterrence line of security cameras: our deterrence bullet (the NSC-DETERRENCE-BT1) and our deterrence turret (NSC-DETERRENCE-DM2). Both cameras have some incredible and unique features that set them apart as deterrence cameras.


These cameras have an onboard motion-detected strobe light. Anytime one of its smart events captures human movement, it will flash its strobe light as long as you tell it to. This is a great way to alert intruders and deter crime.


Besides the strobe light, this camera also has onboard speakers allowing you to choose a warning message to play anytime an event is activated. Available sounds include a siren, a voice, or a combination of the two.

e.g.: “Welcome, please notice that the area is under surveillance.” “Warning! This is a no parking zone.” “Danger! Please keep away!”


I know what you’re thinking. “I’ve used motion-activated alerts before. The only problem is my camera detects motion all the time! With these cameras, won’t the siren and strobe light go off anytime a shadow shifts?”

The thing is, this camera doesn’t use just any ordinary motion detection. It uses smart motion detection filters which, based on a crazy and complicated algorithm, actually allows the camera to recognize movement caused by human agency, whether it be a person walking down the street or a vehicle driving onto your property.

So say goodbye to false alarms! With these cameras, you’ll only get motion recordings, alarm events, and push notifications for movement that you care about.


This camera really is for anyone, whether or not you’re looking for an active deterrence solution. The strobe light and vocal warnings are totally optional, so you can still use and love this camera if you don’t plan on using them.

Here are some practical deterrence uses that you might use this camera for.

► Preventing copper theft from your AC unit
► Monitoring a “No Parking” zone
► Keeping vandals away from your property
► Securing a restricted area

Even if you’re not looking for a deterrence camera, you will still want to check out this camera if you’re interested in…

► Receiving push notifications (This camera won’t blow up your phone with false alarms)
► Setting up a standalone camera system with an SD card (This camera won’t waste space with false alarms)
► Seeing long distances in the dark (The bullet deterrence camera has a super long IR range of 240 feet)

Watch this video for a full review, complete with live footage and examples, of the H-Series Active Deterrence Security Cameras, the NSC-DETERRENCE-BT1 and the NSC-DETERRENCE-DM2. Aftwards, click here to learn more about these products and purchase yours today →


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