A9 1080P Action Camera REVIEW – A $30 Action Camera!

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The review of the very cheap A9 Action Camera (Sample Footage included)
Find it at Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2KtvfAp or Amazon: http://geni.us/j0BJ

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Redskull says:

The Yi 4K+ Action camera is a true GoPro killer and the best 4k camera i tried. Review: https://youtu.be/cfcCoJ_0Y7g

Fabio Dex says:

Is it possible to connect an external microphone by connecting the Action Cam to the helmet? If so, how?

The Uploader says:

good camera for its price

Im PK says:

Mine works only when it is connect with charger…. It doesn't even open of it is not…… Pls help me

Roger Britton says:

My one was free

Omega Time says:

I have the same one. And what i did i change the res to 720 and it made it look SO MUCH better!

Fatima Reveche says:

Hello can you help me pls. I have that product also. It's new. The problem is . When I'm going to charge the camera. When the time is finished.It's happened that the camera not full. Always 1 bar. I don't know what the problem.😥

AlanPro 101 says:

I bought one for 170 the same one and is good

Matthew Fishman says:

Is there a wrist strap?

ReginaPhalange2020 ForPresidentofUSA says:

Not a GoPro killer, the stabilization is horrible. But great information. 👍🏽

_ levighiamo says:

that ain't looking like 1080p, just buy a gopro, expensive but worth it

LogicBeforeAuthority says:

$20.00 I'm IN!

Jody Bruchon says:

All of these under-$50 cameras and camcorders use a laptop webcam as the imaging device. The Onn and Jazz brands at Walmart, the cheaper Hubsan quadcopters, etc. all use the same (technically different but functionally 99.99% identical) laptop webcam as the imaging core. They have a very narrow field of view, show plenty of CCD sensor noise even in daylight, and have an IR hot mirror in front of the lens rather than mounted to the sensor. There's a couple of videos on my channel where I strapped a cheapo cell phone fisheye lens adapter to my Hubsan X4 H107C HD quadcopter and got a pretty decent wide angle view with massive lens flares; the footage from the straight camera is so narrow that it's useless.

With this sort of thing, they'll do the same basic thing that I did: put a very wide angle adapter in front of the webcam element to correct the FOV. I can guarantee you that they're interpolating to 1080 because the resolution of the captured video is very obviously lower. The datasheet for a Genesys Logic USB 2.0 UVC-compliant webcam unit can do 15fps at SXGA (1280×1024) and 1280×720 is just SXGA with a 16:9 crop. These cameras usually pair an embedded ARM processor with a USB 2.0 webcam and a USB 2.0 SD card interface and there is a maximum to how much MJPEG-compressed data can be sent practically over USB 2.0 minus overhead and the competition from the SD card interface on the same bus.

As an "action camera" (or any camera used for practical footage) these things are garbage, but as a toy camera they're acceptable. The time-lapse footage is the best out of all of them. I would want to be able to turn that timestamp off though.

Adxm4 says:

How long does the battery last

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