A5100 vs A6000 vs A6300: A Practical Comparison

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In this video I compare the Sony A5100 to the Sony A6000 and the Sony A6300 in practical terms.


Joe Bean says:

I have an A6000 and it's a great camera but I didn't realize the noise that manual zooming makes in the video track. It's kind of disappointing … I wonder if it's just my camera or if they all have noisy zoom issues? Good videos, thanks.

Ryan Mather says:

crapola! I just ordered the A6000 only because I thought It had the flip up screen like the 5100. Guess I will return it and go with the Canon T6i! Doh!

Lohith Rao says:

Does the kit lens serves the purpose or 55-210 is recomended?

723lion says:

this guy's review is golden!

Helen Forsén says:

I want a6000 but with the flip-screen from a5100… :/

Roberto Maldonado says:

At 4:30 I saw movement and heard sound….

Charlene B says:

personally, I don't find the flip screen on the a5100 useful cause I don't take selfies. I sometimes take overhead shots so the a6000 is more useful to me.. Also, I would prefer the viewfinder over the flip screen anytime.. my sister has the a5100 because she always take selfies, and don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against people who takes selfies. People just have different interests 🙂 I'm just more interested in taking pictures of landscapes and animals.. and also food ☺️ so the screen on a6000 actually makes me happy

Uanderson Brittes says:

overheating is something only related to videos. is that right?

Andre David says:

How many cameras he has, must be he is great photographer!

Muhammed Shabeeb says:

I need a6000

Jona2122 says:

Hi I'm looking for a top lens for the 5100

J.R. Regenold says:

a5100 is great on gimbal. You can go to a selfie without changing the balance. When you flip up the screen it stays in the same plane as when it's in the normal position.
I bought my a5100 to live on my gimbal.

John says:

Most EXCELLENT review of these three Sony's. -Thank You!

jake smith says:

All of them overheat like crazy. Big design flaw.

Dhanu Dwi Arfendi says:

Does the a5100 also have overheating issue? Which of those cameras that overheats faster than the other?

Connor Garr says:

I've got the a5100 and have created all of my content on my channel with it. Super great camera for the money!! I've used it for lots of vlogs and edits!!

Yer Lee says:

I’m so bummed the a6000 doesn’t have the flip screen or touch screen. Wondered why they decided not to continue with it

Rebecca Cooper says:

I grabbed this Sony from Amazon and am so glad I did https://amzn.to/2NjpxVq

Kpop Jennieration says:

your name should be techmafia

northern images photography says:

A5100 for me. Sold on the size, just to have on me all the time when I’ve not got 3 full frame Nikon body’s and multiple lenses strapped on my back. Nice to have in the pocket whilst doing wildlife for a few wide angle landscapes whilst walking around. I also hope to start a little vlogging. Only had it 3 days but loving it. Bargain on eBay for only £70 with 16-50 lens. Can’t wait to get out at the weekend and try it in anger.

Chris1LFC says:

Amazon Primeday has the A6300 for £599. Is that a good deal

Krzysztof Zakrzewski says:

In my Country a 6000 cost 500$, a 6300 cost 750$, which one would you buy mainly to photography, in part with manual lenses?

Chris Jones says:

4:57 the A5100 does have a shortcut to switch the shooting Mode, its an extra button press but the same options will appear on screen and the dial can be used to toggle between modes just as the manual mode dial

Dd Dd says:

Which one is great for shooting my acrylic 4 feet x 3 feet paintings for my own website? My budget is 700. I can get a used Sony a6300 for 600 dollars. I might blow up in future but i dont think I can afford full frame for that price unless I get a old full frame camera. Was looking at canon 6d for 1k too or sony a7. The small size for portability to shoot art at class or studio locations would be awesome. Thank you!

Pankaj Kerketta says:

Which camera is the best for autofocus for portrait photography and video shooting

cstrike105 says:

Where did you buy your hand straps?

Mike D says:

So if my goal is purely photography, and the A6300 is out of budget, is there really much difference between the 5100 and 6000? Doesn't seem like the bits and pieces in the 6000 justify the bigger camera size.

Yulia Sobe says:

what lens did you use for comparison pictures?

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