A Postcard from Hallstatt – Z CAM E2C Cinema Camera Review

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•CORRECTION• at 03:27 & 05:00, we mention that it offers multicam synchronization, it’s not true – this camera can do live streaming via Ethernet though.

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The Chinese camera manufacturer Z CAM has made quite an impression on us when we reviewed their flagship model Z CAM E2. Now we have the much more affordable sister cam Z CAM E2C cinema camera in our hands – has it inherited some of the strong features? Watch this …

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cinema5D says:

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Larry Larry says:

Looking for a Z Cam e2c vs GH4 video comparison. Because their video quality should be close enough to compare or may be Z Cam e2c is slightly better.

Larry Larry says:

Would you say this is an
amateur camera but can be use for wedding video freelancer?

Lawrence Lawrence says:

Does it comes with any software at all?

Don Barron Studios says:

Sir, is the ZCAM E2C good for wedding videos.
I mean out of the camera video without any editing or color correction?

Don Barron Studios says:

Thank you for your speech.

birdonawi says:

So you can multicam only if you have all ethernet cables, let´s say from three of these into one router?

Soul Claimed says:

Footage looks great but unfortunately the review portion was very limited being less than half of the video. We need someone to do an in depth review of this camera or I think very few people will buy it or understand its perks and limitations and how suitable it is for them

Boris Dessimond says:

Very nice video !
Very fair and honest.

UnderBridge Rock says:

We're in the golden age of chinese gear. To think I used to hate chinese goods. And halstatt . . . I used to live in Austria, why did I come to America? Worst decision ever. Bad timing I guess.

JFAirplane says:

Because of the h265 codec, can you still do color grading ? Or it's better to go with raw with the e2 or the micro studio camera 4k?

따블알 says:

딱 봐도 한국인관광객ㅋㅋ

Blender Wiki says:

in the 4k YT video, that looks not good, I hope is the compression and the footage is better than this. But the rolling shutter is a pure garbage

well done says:

dude, it's not the camera, Soderbergh used an iPhone as his "main cinema camera", for $800 this one is a steal , lol

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