A Perfect Entry Level Camera | Fujifilm X-A5 Review by Georges Cameras

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FEATURE CORRECTION: The X-A5 has a 2.5mm mic jack which requires a 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter.

After the Fujifilm X-A3 took the world by storm, Fujifilm updated it to the X-A5 this year. Andrew takes it out for a spin and sees whether this entry level camera is still the bang for your buck camera that the X-A3 was.
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Georges CamerasTV says:

FEATURE CORRECTION: The X-A5 has a 2.5mm mic jack which requires a 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter.

ludwig van Beethoven says:

Wanna change my Facebook profile picture .last seen was 1788

Sanjay Madan says:

Does it havd a video stabilization

G-travels' vlog says:

it has mic port. you already mentioned it earlier.

orfeo g says:

X-A5 or XT100 i can get the A5 for 300 its on sale pls help

LNSB says:

bro can i buy it in 2020

Vignesh ts says:

Does this camera Supports Bluetooth Remote Shutter?

Albert Yang says:

The new Kai..

freda erna bonilla says:

Is it good for vlogging,the video?

FilmGrade says:

What prime lens should you recommend for this camera?

prathyush raj says:

Is this camera better than Canon 1500 d and 3000d?

Kenneth Dinglasan says:

Interchangeable lens?

aks flash says:

Im more interested in the camera you are using

sweetblueman says:

Is it better than canon 3000D slr?

pl225 says:

which ones would you say for the "same" price, do better tracking and autofocus?

pl225 says:

1080×60 is better?

pl225 says:

how about the zoom?

Flyane Tagaygay says:

Can this camera be use underwater? If yes..how? Thanks!

Shashank Adluri says:

Your review = 💩

kcwlolo says:

Hey! How are you? Im just starting in the photography world and on a budget of 400-700. I would like a mirrorless camera, which one would you recommend? Would like a sort of compact camera because I travel quite a bit…

Cars & Travel TV മലയാളം says:

is it comes with tripod mount

Axel Foley says:

4K 15fps???😳😵🙄

niniomonio says:

why you didnt discuss the hot shoe mount feature of this camera?

Mama Bear says:

Wait, is this in Auckland??

Celine Aguilar says:

Thanks for sharing..Godbless❤❤👍👍👍👍

Bruce Sarver says:

Yes- Nice review! I use a XPro 2 – and wanted something 'light weight' with the plus of being able to use 'X-lenses'. I will probably buy it – but will probably sell the kit lens in favor of my 18-55.

Eat the pork says:

Great legs on the girl at 3:22

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