6K RED Komodo In-Depth Review | Best Indie Cinema Camera!?

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This is the RED Komodo. The 6K resolution for $6,000, global shutter sensor, cube of a cinema camera. In this video, Dave Maze goes over the ins and outs of this camera and gets some 6k R3D footage! From the specs to hands-on examples of the autofocus in action, hopefully, this video addresses your questions! Leave a comment below with any other questions about this mini cine camera or request anything you may want to know about the Komodo 6K!

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Mr Bo Roberts says:

What happens when you go under the "sweet spot" (800) iso? Obvious noise when you go higher but I don't know the cons of going lower.

Lauwer says:

overheating test uses camera an hour thats is normal

Ben Hinman says:

Shit, 6000$? Wow, red is actually finally getting competitive with their pricing. Thanks, blackmagic. Obviously the pocket 6k is cheaper but if it weren't for the 12k ursa dropping i don't think red would be quite so desperate to finally drop some affordable gear… even the pros can't justify spending 60 grand on a camera anymore just for that fancy red branding.

Gokul S says:

Red Komodo is like Apple/Samsung
Zcam E2 is like Xiaomi, Oppo, etc.?

Ryan Angel Studio says:

Where did you have your Neon lights made at? So cool!!

Castro Vision says:

The Zcam on steroids 😂😂😂

Kam Kalambay says:

another camera most people who film can't afford…oh ok…BMPCC 6K stays lol

Jose Jimenez says:

Thank you for the information i totally agree with you on the price point 1000%. Maybe with some internal ND’s and some work on the crop I would spend the 6k on it.

Samuel Irias says:

The red kimono?

Austin Tutor says:

Good review, but the footage wasn't that impressive

SpaceInvader says:

V mount? I mean, I'm sure it can do either but you mounted a gold mount there my dude.


What is this price

Afotey Annum says:

Lmfao @ "indie" cinema camera

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